Moral panic alert

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"Kevin Whitt is a former drag queen who lived for over 20 years as a transsexual woman. Now he protests drag events for children and fights to stop the gender modification procedures for children. "

He never identified as a woman and we have evidence:

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The Left constantly tries to dishonestly and dangerously try to portray Drag Queen events as “just fine” for children. But we cut right through that!

MassResistance has exposed a number of times how these drag queens, often marketed as diversity “role models for children,” are anything but, often having serious criminal records, whether attempted murder, theft, sex crimes, or child abuse!

And how often do they reoffend?

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“SEICUS recommends a children’s book called “These Are My Eyes, This is My Nose, This Is My Vulva, These are My Toes”. According to reviews, the book touches on “affirming pronouns” and consent and touch. Why are adults teaching children how to consent well before they are of the age and maturity to even give consent for sexual touch? Cringe!!! The predators must love this as the inhibitions about sharing bodies and talking with adults about their bodies and sex are being mowed down by aggressive comprehensive sex educators who are supposed to be teaching boundaries all while bashing boundaries.”

Except the book does’t talk about consent at all: Story time: These are my eyes this is my nose this is my vulva these are my toes by Lexx Brown-James - YouTube

She provides no screenshots of SEICUS promoting these books at all.

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They explain that gender is not determined by their genitalia but instead by how they feel, they also state that “your gender identity is not something you can choose or change”. Wow, there are a lot of people that would disagree with that and you can find some here and here. In fact, the hashtag #detranstioners turns up several people who chose to detransition and live as their God-given gender.

Those links are full of liars:

#detranstioners is a cult: Retransition is Also Not a Myth: A Response to an Old Self | by Kieran G. | Medium
Retransitioning can bring joy. So why are ideological detrans people unwilling to hear it? | by Lee Leveille | Medium

Because the motto for the sexual progressives is “start ’em young”, it should come as no surprise that AMAZE also has videos targeting children ages 4-9. The sex educator and writer, Lux Alptraum, recently shared AMAZE’s new project for young children on Twitter. The videos discuss how babies are made and they discuss gender.

But none of those are sexually explicit.

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A particularly creepy part was when one of the Drag Queens read “What color is your underwear” to the young kids. It’s a shabby looking children’s book that is not specifically LGBT-themed but has a troubling focus – given what we know about “Drag Queens.” In the book, various animals show the others their underwear. At the end the elephant says, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” Is this a subliminal encouragement for the young children? At one point the “Drag Queen” reader blurted out, “Oh, don’t moon me!”

Lies. The elephant doesn’t say that. And the drag queen is clearly doing it to make kids laugh Why do they need to lie? Because they know that the narrative of “subliminal encouragement” is bs?