More reasons why boys don't disclose abuse

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The first part of this two-part article explained how sexually exploited boys can find it more difficult to disclose their abuse if they hold to rigidly defined notions of masculinity. Here are some other factors that contribute towards making it difficult for sexually exploited boys to disclose abuse. Erections A number of boys and men…

“Legally in England and Wales, women and girls cannot commit the offence of rape.”
^ This is why I will never live in England nor Wales because England and Wales have political systems that are impractical and illogical because women and girls can commit offence of rape just like men and boys can commit offence of rape. England and Wales are not progressive countries. People have more privacy, fairer justice, higher quality education, higher quality healthcare, and higher quality infrastructure in Scandinavian countries compared to England and Wales. Wales and England have become online surveillance dictatorships that are having increased obesity, a coldhearted corporation culture, increased health problems in general, increased dishonesty in businesses at the expense of quality and morality, and increased corruption such as falsely claiming females are victims that can’t commit offences of rape. It’s just a form of unfair sexism to benefit females instead of males in regards to rape. So, that is not fair justice to protect males from rape compared to females getting protected from rape. England and Wales are starting to look more like America… There is a reason why there are people who are disillusioned by the lawyers and laws in Wales and England.

Besides that, I find the reason why boys don’t disclose abuse is because of gender roles that harm and corrupt boys. Boys were traditionally viewed as people who were trained in militaries, engineering schools, a lot of mathematics, international businesses, entrepreneurship, and leadership. And boys were traditionally viewed as people who suppress their emotions in times of war, politics, and business to gain power. Unfortunately, this made boys become emotionally suppressed monsters that did more harm than good. Which is why it’s not surprising to me that the boys became rapists, sexual predators, psychopaths, sociopaths, corrupt politicians, tyrants, corrupt businessmen, alcoholics to hide their depression and abuse with alcohol, and people who used humor to hide their pain and suffering in history books.

As a female myself, I’m not going to trust gender roles because I find gender roles are dehumanizing and harmful.

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If you pay attention to CDC data, you’ll find that a MINIMUM of 40% of non-institutional rapes, as well as 55% of reproductive coercion, are committed by the female-assigned.

What’s your excuse?

That’s annoyingly correct. iirc, the wording of the law is something to do with “penetration with a penis.”