Moving to Finland

Hey guys, I got a nice job offer in Finland and will be moving next year. Super excited! Also, I will stop being active on here as I can’t be bothered with even the slightest bit of drama and this place has had a lot that recently.

It’s not Japan, but it’s so much easier to move to and Finland is pretty much the Japan of Europe (when it comes to their laws), so that’s nice.

Anyways, thanks and gl to all of you.


It’s a shame that you can’t be more active, but I appreciated you, your posts, and your insights on things here.
Good luck wherever life takes you! You and others like you are always welcome on the forum.

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Nice, that’s awesome to hear. Finland is pretty damn great honestly. Good luck with everything.

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Goodbye I appreciate that you made a formal declaration instead of just disappearing.

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Hyvästi ja onnea. さようならと幸運。
Sayōnara to kōun.

Grey zones are definetly a psychological torture when the potential crime would be “possession of CSAM” and a record on it, without distinctioning it from the real deal.

Saw some spanish “Judge Judy” episode where a man defends loli and the Judge is on his side. I think they even showed the pictures to the people in the studio.