MP Maria Miller wants AI 'nudifying' tool banned

Not child related, but I did find this quite interesting for a few reasons.

MP Maria Miller wants a parliamentary debate on whether digitally generated nude images need to be banned.

It comes as another service which allows users to undress women in photos, using Artificial intelligence (AI), spreads rapidly on social media.

The website in question had more than five million visits in June alone, according to one analyst.

Celebrities, including an Olympic athlete, are among those who users claim to have nudified.

But this is the part that caught my attention:

Parliament needs to have the opportunity to debate whether nude and sexually explicit images generated digitally without consent should be outlawed, and I believe if this were to happen the law would change.

Lolicon and various other things are banned in the UK, but would this mean that drawing NSFW fan art of anime characters on a computer would become illegal because after all, they can’t consent?

And how about nude mods for video games?

Well, if people let this disease of “censorship based on emotion” spread, it will soon backfire and include things that no one imagined before. And the reason for this to me is pretty obvious. If you start to distort the logical barriers to separating things, for example the difference between reality and fantasy. You’ve unwittingly set a precedent for a lot of other things to cross this line between legal and illegal. The good part (for me) is that when it happens I’ll love to say: I told you so :3


Oh, that’s why I ended up dropping the Sony gaming consoles.

Maybe this is a sign that the insatiable prudery we see Western society so preoccupied with is fundamentally unfeasible and that we can’t expect technology to wrap around it…

I can get behind keeping restrictions on deepfaking/nudifying images of actual, real children in place, but this? No dude… Get a grip.

I’m becoming so much closer to just saying “get over it, you have control over how you feel over it”.

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Ironically, the best effect of a too restrictive law is to clog up the courts forcing society to either drop the law or socially collapse.

Thing is, even if they did ban this, they’re a single country. Other countries don’t need to follow the laws of the UK.

We shouldn’t be looking at it like “oh it’s just one country” or other ways like that. If it’s happening in one place, it’s still a grave misfortune because the people within that country are going to suffer.

I’m looking at this issue from a “how long can we expect society to latch onto sexual prudery and sensitivity” before more people realize it’s just outright ridiculous. People are going to figure out ways to do stupid shit like this. It’s inevitable at this point. The best people victimized by this type of technology can do is just say “you photoshopped that, you dork” and move on.

Of course, we draw the line with regard to real children, but that’s an issue we’re not going to delve into at this point.

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I’ve never heard of this website. It sounds fake to me.

Kinda like the time my former high school held an assembly to warn kids about a dangerous social media app that didn’t actually exist.

It’s real and I actually tried it out.

Yeah, I retract my comment, however, it seems like the app has been removed from every app store and is no longer accessible to the general public due to outcry.