“My Girlfriend is Shobitch” UK Release Cut by BBFC


MVM Entertainment’s upcoming Blu-ray release of the raunchy comedy anime My Girlfriend is Shobitch will be released in the United Kingdom following cuts to a scene that was deemed to portraying a child in a sexualised context, the BBFC rating board has confirmed to Anime UK News.

The scene in question occurs in the series’ third episode, when the male protagonist Haruka Shinozaki visits Kosaka’s home and ends up talking with her mother. The scene features multiple flashbacks depicting Kosaka as a toddler in situations that her mother ascribes sexual connotations to, including comparing Kosaka lying with a teddy bear on top of her to being in the “missionary” sexual position, as well as crude references to Kosaka’s genitals, and the strong implication that she was exposed to pornographic material as a young child.

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