My wishes for the future

Hello, I visit this site on regular basis and support your caus, but I never used the Forum (only read, too risky and I use TOR with bridge). I am currently writing from a friends place, because I left home. I live in Iran and my family is very religious and not well informed about international topic, culture etc. One day I forgot to close tab and they saw certain Hentai I watched (any hentai would be bad). Not on good terms with them, so they beat me and said they will report this to moral police (you probably heard). I think that I can’t hide forever (friend doesn’t know why I am here) and I don’t have money.

I am socially awkward, so I apologize if I come accross as robotic. Okay, so I want to make some wishes on places I think are great (such as this one here) before I go leave my friends house and aimlessley wander around nature. No reason to go back (death penalty for dishonoring family and porn).

First, I wish that Prostasia grows bigger and gains more visibility. I want people to see that other ways exist, don’t give in to fear and icky feelings.

Second, I wish that people will be supportive, nice and respectful. Judge people on their deeds, not their feelings. I wish for this one the most.

Third, I wish that western world could accept that MAPs can also be targets of great danger acussed for the crime of existing. I like that LGBT get refugee when in danger and they escape, but not for MAP. Nobody cares if I die by government. I hope the world can tolerate me in future if I live.

Fourth, I wish that everyone who hates themselves can accept that there is and always will be a kind man / woman that will accept you. Don’t change.

Thank you, Prostasia. As I said, I will now move on to other Projects I support and voice my gratitude. I won’t be replying in here, but I thank you for kindness should you honor me with them. Goodbye


S/he said they won’t be replying, so this is just for everybody here.

Firstly, fuck Khamenei. The Iranian government has become the very thing they swore to fight, just in reverse. Before the Iranian Revolution, the monarchy was corrupt and the Shah (King) would have SAVAK (his secret police) “deal” with anybody who fought his corruption. The Shah enforced secularism and would go so far as to have SAVAK rip the headscarves right off of girls’ and women’s heads. In the meantime, most of his nation was illiterate and impoverished, with only Iranian elite enjoying the finer things in life. All those pre-Revolution photos of women in bikinis? Those were rich people, everyone else still got shat on by the monarchy and the nobility. People like to paint the Revolution as a one-sided bad thing that forced theocracy, but it actually improved most people’s lives.

Even though the government was now a fascist theocracy, they made sure to stamp out economic inequality. Literacy rose quickly and now most of the country was no longer in danger of starving to death in poverty. But the past few years, the theocratic government has cracked down hard and now the current government’s own secret morality police go around forcing girls and women to wear headscarves. This came to a head recently, as I’m sure most of you have heard of the protests against the current regime. The morality police have been going around arresting women without headscarves and beating, torturing, and raping them to death while in custody. Women all across Iran have been standing in solidarity with the victims of police brutality and burning their headscarves, which prompts the police to arrest and murder even more women (or just straight-up shoot them dead in the streets during protests).

So yes, the morality police are fucking scary. This person has a very real reason to fear for their life. Over hentai, not even real porn!


Nobody should ever have to fear for their lives over someone else’s moral preferences, at least in the absence of harm.


Nobody should have to fear for being raped and murdered by the police over a headscarf! Iran is insane and the greatest modern example of why theocracies are monstrous (not to mention their support of Russia, supplying them with drones for their invasion of Ukraine).


Yeah… that too…

Ironically, if conservative Republicans had their way, the United States would be a similar dystopia where women wouldn’t be allowed to wear bikinis and each state would have its own state religion funded with taxpayer dollars. Conservatives originally protested the 14th Amendment because they believed states should be allowed to regulate speech and expression, citing traditional long-standing laws such as blasphemy and gasp obscenity.

We should be looking at radical states like Iran as what not to be, not inch towards them.


One of the most fucked things in Iran is actually something I imagine American right-wingers would be against. You see, Iran is actually generally ok with trans people, but not gay people. So, the Iranian government gives gay people a choice: death penalty or forced gender reassignment. Yup, the Iranian government actually forces gay people to go through gender surgery so that they’ll technically be “straight”…

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