Mysopeds, the group that deserves complete extermination

I don’t condone mass killings generally. But there is indeed a group that absolutely deserves to be culled. Mysopeds CANNOT be rehabilitated. They are far more dangerous than the average contact offender. They lack victim empathy and are essentially subhuman. They are far too dangerous to be allowed to live.

They are an exceedingly rare group, but a group worth investing time in their extermination. They must be exterminated for the protection of children everywhere. My suggestion is this:

Once someone has been convicted of a contact offense against a child, screen them for Mysopedia, if they are mysopedic, they are to be exterminated.

Furthermore, we must institute a mandatory minimum of the death sentence for sexual murder of a child.
We must also institute a mandatory death sentence for sadistic child sexual abuse even if the child survives. An evil “man” who has committed such an act is no man, but a subhuman creature and a mysoped. It must be exterminated.

Do not be fooled by the appearance of a Mysoped. Mysopeds are not human. They are subhuman. They may look like a man, but they are not. Humans have a moral compass. Even many violent criminals and most sex offenders have the capacity to develop a moral compass. Real humans do not get sexual gratification by the inflicting of suffering on children + do not have the intention of ever doing so. These are ESSENTIAL elements to being human. Mysopeds lack those. They are subhuman, they are not worthy of life. As such, I believe my state should institute an extermination policy towards the Mysoped: A goal of wiping them out and culling them for good of the world.

This post has (again) been reported as inappropriate, and I want to turn to the community to gather input on whether posts that dehumanize or call for the extermination of human beings should be permitted on this forum or not. Please provide your input below.

Should we ban posts on these topics?
  • Genocide
  • Dehumanization
  • Eugenics
  • No, do not ban these topics

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I’m voting no for this because I don’t like censoring opinions; no matter how… absolutely evil their opinion might be and how much I hate it.

I will defend to my death their right to say it.

Besides, it shows everyone else on the forum what kind of person they truly are.

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I don’t think the idea of extermination/culling of an identifiable group of homo sapiens that some colloquially call “genocide” is utterly and completely without merit though. Sure, throughout history it has ALWAYS targeted the wrong group: The killing based on LGBTQ status, ethnicity, heritage, social class ie slaves is always beyond egregious. The fundamental issue is they targeted the wrong group, not that culling as a practice is a thing. Tactics are usually not the issue, it’s the target that makes something horrible.

There is one group that probably should be wiped out. I think one can make a rational argument that an extermination campaign of Mysopeds might have merit. Though one can also make a rational argument against the extermination of them too. I’d let people debate and discuss whether the idea of an extermination of this group would make society safer as a whole or not. Extermination can be done in such a way that could be painless, a firing squad that instantly destroys their brain and heart. No gas chambers or other inhumane methods. Another thing is Mysopeds are probably rare and most likely offend, so it should be relatively easy to pick them out. The extermination campaign can be limited in scope and only lead to a culling of maybe only 1000-5000.

Just FYI I’m not 100% on board will an extermination campaign of Mysopeds. I think there is some concern it might extend to other people. But there is also the possibility it might not be. But I think it’s definitely worth considering and debating about. Especially considering it will be a very limited cull.

Civil commitment was put as an alternative by you (albeit for individuals who haven’t acted yet, but have a high risk of doing so), although I really don’t like this concept, as oftentimes it can mean a relatively minor crime like viewing CP can have far longer time than actual serious crime like touching someone, or having sex with them.

This is primarily due to the fact that it is based on “recidivism risk” and a serious crime is far less likely to be repeated than a non-serious crime. Whether one would consider this to truly be “justice” is a different matter entirely, and an unjust system will inherently lose support, which will just lead to longer sentences anyway.

There is an inherent struggle between “progressive” sentence shortening and “traditional” justice. Progressive sentencing schemes also create perverse incentives, and focuses resources on less serious crimes, rather than on chasing more serious ones.

Tools like civil commitment were really supposed to be used on the “worst of the worst” who were too dangerous to release into the neighborhood after completing their sentences. Like this, but it has grown far in scope past where it should have. It may need to be reined in order to regain it’s former scope.

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I guess we could use Civil Commitment combined with experimentation to develop a cure to their disorders (and other disorders they have). Definitely wouldn’t seem as fun as a cull, but could still work. Yeah I’d rather focus on civil commitment for subhuman than I would for non contact offenses. Of course possessing CSAM is still wrong and indefensible. Same goes for indecent exposure at a child or sending legally obscene material to a minor. But there is a huge difference between these offenses and literal rape-murder or serial rape.

I do wonder about civil commitment for non contact offenses, often times the subhuman would take a plea deal, the rape charge gets thrown out, and they get off with CSAM possession or something far less egregious than rape, perhaps 1/900.500.000th as egregious. I really hate this and it shouldn’t happen. It’s an insult to the victims of rape. But if these are the types that end up getting civilly committed, than it’s one thing, another to put non contact offenses on civil commitment which is very expensive. I already have a disdain for most adult rapists, I hate child rapist with a fiery passion.

I view the wide use of plea bargains, and demoting offenses down from one type to another, as a symptom of a broken system. The system doesn’t give judges much lee-way in the sentencing of criminals, so it is either follow the mandatory minimum, or pretend someone has committed a different offense. This feeds into a culture of demoting sentences to meet a specific end, or perceived progressive need.

Prosecutors are also far more interested in ramming people through the criminal justice system with plea bargains, than allowing them to have their day in court and to prove whether they have or haven’t committed a crime. A plea bargain however may be merciful to the victims, who may have to relive their traumas in having to testify to the court, and confront their attacker.

I dislike the culture of mass-incarceration in general, especially as that which has fueled it are relatively minor crimes, which could be dealt with in ways which don’t involve the justice system. It is practically designed to go around the justice system.

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I understand your POV. I am a civil libertarian and Ethical AI should always be free from state censorship. They should be able to stand on the street and say this aloud. Write it on a poster board. Organize a rally. All without state censorship. Censorship is a legal matter, and standards of a common space are another. Drawing a line in a common space around a reasonable requirement to not call for genocide or punitive and involuntary mass extermination of a particular group is appropriate.

I disagree, I do believe we should be able to discuss the culling of certain demographics like Mysopeds without censorship on this board. The thing about prostasia as a forum is where we can discuss topics that can easily get banned on others. Without a doubt the statements I write on this thread can easily get be banned off twitter and facebook for “inciting genocide” even if it’s just a suggestion to contemplate it. Prostasia has a special place among internet forums which is that free speech is almost absolute here and I’d like to keep it that way.

Perhaps there are better options: involuntary commitment to mental hospitals as others suggested, but suggesting a mass extermination of mysopeds should IMHO not be against the rules. I believe there are merits to this idea even if it may not be the idea that comes up on top.

Your post would likely be “promoted” on Facebook’s non advertising code considering that it would be a) popular, b) capture engagements, c) Facebook does not usually censor genocidal rhetoric even when it actually incites genocide (see Myanmar), and d) your post does nothing to even provoke. It’s simply mindless mental masturbation modulated on the oldest cliche: mass extermination of X hated figures.

I’d defend it if it was at least original. It’s just banality, albeit quite evil. Eichmann in The Forum.

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It won’t make her disappear. She’ll just start replying to other threads in her style. This is a containment zone. She evidently likes venting on things and fantasizing about killing evil people.

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