Mysterious Dead Link on Twitter

@terminus You retweeted a dead link. It’s not even in the Wayback Machine, it has been specifically blacklisted from it

I found an alternate link. Are they going to mention that the majority of these “cases” mentioned are minors doing things to other minors? Or that these are estimates? In any case, it isn’t me saying this, but VICE. I dislike articles which start off by pushing this premise and bury the facts down below.

Also recognize that youth can abuse other youth so have policies where certain high-risk activities or areas such as changing rooms have two adults present during times when youth are changing

I personally find this humiliating. Private cubicles would be better. Besides, teenagers should be old enough not to be traumatized by being touched by each other. Adults should never bother youths in changing cubicles, or toilets.

Monitoring Behavior: Once staff and volunteer behavior policies have been established, then violations of these policies must be monitored, enforced, and documented.

This section is largely paranoia and for the sake of appearances. Some behaviors may be suspicious and flag worthy, but this section looks overly broad.

A zero-tolerance policy for sexual comments or jokes

Irrelevant to these goals.

a search of the internet including social media

Privacy invasive.

It may be worth tiering individuals who have more or less time outside of line of sight. Some of these ideas could be useful, others are there for show, especially when applied to every single individual.

I am supicious of these “signs of grooming”, particularly when it comes to touch. Someone may steadily find excuses to touch someone and progress along a beaten track. These articles presume this is to desensitize the child to touch, but it may be that the perpetrator gets used to doing the act and progresses to performing more daring acts.

Don’t ascribe to malice what you could to stupidity and recklessness.

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