Name our elephant mascot!

We’re looking for names for our new elephant mascot. He’s the “elephant in the room” that other groups try to avoid discussing! Add your suggestions to this thread, and the winner (also including names submitted via email or Twitter) will receive a t-shirt featuring the newly named mascot.

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Here are a few name ideas, given that he is an elephant because he is the “elephant in the room” I thought it would make sense for his name to also have some form of significance.
That said, its rather hard to adapt foreign words into decent sounding names, these names are not too good if im being honest. I tried at least…

Provenito - Modified from (proveryai) the russian proverb “Trust but verify” (Доверяй, но проверяй)
Apertus - Which means “Open” in latin, as in open to new ideas
Scienttino - Modified from the word “science” in latin, could be related to “scientia vincere tenebras”

These are great names but we will have to use them to name something else, because we have already just selected a name for out mascot—meet Effie!

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