Need info regarding mandatory reporting law as a psychologist in Victoria, Australia

This may be in the wrong category so sorry if that’s the case.

I got a new psychologist recently, though things went REALLY sour went they went through the mandatory reporting rules after a few good sessions. That list had the usual things in it, on intention to hurt somebody, on intention to suicide & on CSA offenses. But then, they bring up the use of cartoon fictional content sexually depicting minors in their wording as something they must report. I was shook hearing that, but the horrors of that only truly set in my head afterwards. I am now scared to see this psychologist again after hearing that and my reaction to doing so. I do not believe this is actually the case based on past experiences. As the session ended I asked them to provide the law that states that mandatory reporting stuff, and they provided this link: CRIMES AMENDMENT (PROTECTION OF CHILDREN) ACT 2014 (NO. 36 OF 2014) - SECT 4 New sections 327, 328, 329 and 330 inserted
Looking through it, it does not appear to mention such fictional content or even actual CSEM at all (to my eyes). So now I’m thinking a breach of trust occurred that may be reportable to the ethics board but I need that to be verified. Were they telling the truth? Really need help here, I got no sleep today worrying about this.

I’m sorry that you had this bad experience. You are correct, to my knowledge mandatory reporting only applies when the provider has a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed by an adult against a child under the age of 16.


In regards to Australian law in Victoria?

Yes, sorry for not specifying that.

Thank you! My own research only brought up that conclusion as well.