New Doll Bill in Utah Legislature

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It’s not every day that one of these clowns goes on the record openly spouting this nonsense, and it’s refreshing to see the negative/critical response they’re getting from people.

Something I hope the oncoming ED touches up on is the hoax from 2020 surrounding the FL child sex doll.

Literally everything this woman said is factually inaccurate. This woman’s entire platform is based on fearmongering and moral panic, completely devoid of any form or semblance of reason. From her classification of pedophilia, to her characterization of risk-supportive behavior, to the fearmongering. It’s disgusting. And seeing all the other ideals espoused by her platform, it strikes me as no surprise that she would be crazy about this as well.

I can only hope that the courts will find these bills unconstitutional.


Please write Katie Hobbs, the Democratic Governor, and urge her not to sign the bill if it passes both chambers of the GOP-controlled AZ Legislature.

Please inform her about the issue of the bill and the fact that it’s scientifically unfounded and will only cause harm to people who would otherwise not deserve it, as well as turn law-abiding citizens into sex offenders overnight without good cause, justification, or reason.

Please call upon the research by Craig Harper.

Please also call upon the findings of this Goldman and Levy.

We have a chance to make a difference here. We cannot allow innocent citizens to have a target painted over them by the same people who believe in witches and believe that guns should be allowed on University campuses by students, but somehow a doll is the worst thing to ever exist that could somehow harm (or cause harm to occur) with children.

We need REASON, not prejudice.


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No doubt. There needs to be context to keep the governor’s standing.

The tweet stated that some want Hobbs to veto the bill so it can be used against her. The tweet has been deleted.


Just curious. Checking for what i missed without intending to revive the twitter thread, i spotted this tweet that contains information I don’t recall seeing before.

Of course, I knew about Craig Harper’s paper.

Are the studies valid?

Consequently, I wonder whether the studies could be used to attempt to sway countries that ban to reconsider.


I know there’s a reputable stat that CSAM availability is correlated with lower rates of contact offending, which suggests that fictional content may have a similar effect, but I don’t often share it because some people would misconstrue it as a defense of CSAM.


Reasonable people will read it. Unreasonable people will already think you a “monster”, so why not?


Generally true, but in this case, it could also be used by pro-cs who want to overlook the harm of CSAM, which is my main concern since that could be very harmful to survivors of abuse that involved CSAM production


Same here. Allyn Walker’s controversy showed how important word choice is.


You can be as careful and deliberate with your words a humanly possible. People will still take it the wrong way. Tho I suppose it’s still important to be careful so as to keep any and all misunderstandings to a minimum.


Searching for “Seto” in this years old article, you’ll see an interview with Dr. Seto that contains links to studies. Possibly, in discussions, as has been said, it may be beneficial to refer to images as cartoons. Dr. Seto implies that antipathy plays too strong a role in legislative processes.

Of course, it’s only obvious that bans on fictional constructs is about hostility, not harm.

The problem in some countries is that anyone gets called a sympathizer who doesn’t show hostility to the extent that abandons any sense of the fairness doctrine.

One doesn’t need to be a sympathizer to adhere to principles. That’s a stance someone will have to make.


To me, the Allyn Walker controversy showed that once people perceive you as being “pro-pedo” in any capacity, it really does not matter one bit what you are saying or how you word it.


HB4169 Arizona doll law. The narrative looks like it comes from Australia.

Of course, the narrative starts off about dolls and, then, leaps to the need to protect the precious.

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Wow, they can just magically create a new 4th class of felony offenses??


The problem is that no one actually cares about tangible benefits and detriments. They just want to appear to look like “heroes” with as little effort as possible. The question is what we can do about this.


I don’t know if this will help, but can’t say I didn’t try.


Interestingly, the man disabled comments/replies on the post so nobody could directly rebut any of the letter’s contents.


But also what’s Interesting here is how tellingly misinformed and presumptuous their rhetoric is with this bolded paragraph.

He’s right, we do live in a civilized nation, and part of doing so is having the emotional and intellectual discipline to discern between a person “feeding a desire to harm molest children” and engaging with their sexuality by way of a victimless outlet, and realizing that the two are not in any way, shape, or form linked.
People don’t buy these dolls to feed some carnal desire, to cultivate intent to cause harm to children or otherwise engage with them sexually.
That’s not how people operate, especially when the dolls themselves are shown to RELIEVE stress and other risk factors associated with child sex abuse (CSA) perpetration.

Studies are coming out, research is being conducted on how these dolls and the way their owners interact with them and how said interactions affect their users, and as predicted, literally none of it appears to reflect the type of “this will incite abuse” narrative that these types care to spout.



Anyone know whether Governor Hobbs vetoed the doll bill in Arizona?

This will make the first time a doll law failed at the top if it gets vetoed.

Is a pocket veto possible?

I will check.

It looks like the session ends on 26 May 2023.


I’m hopeful that Ms. Hobbs has the strength and integrity to veto.


According to a twitterer, the governor signed the bill.

The take that one has to be a sympathizer to think that it doesn’t make sense to punish someone for choosing to do no harm surprises me.

The twitterer blocked me.