New Doll Bill in Utah Legislature

The House in Kentucky passed a doll law. Whether it will reach the Senate is yet to be seen.


Sounds like a Doll Amendment to me. Heh.

I. Stanley v. Georgia (1969) - Possession is protected.

II. Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (2002) - Fiction is protected.

III. Jenkins v. Georgia (1974) - Dolls cannot be found obscene.

IV. Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969) - Doll ownership cannot be banned as incitement, or as offensive, or by societal disapproval.

V. Texas v. Johnson (1989) - The test for incitement is the imminent lawless action test. In the US, a claim that an expression may eventually, someday, lead to harm cannot legally be used to proscribe.

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Send those cases to Kentucky, then.

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The problem with all of these laws as I see them, is trying to legislate people’s thoughts. I heard something about Instagram and Congress, wanting to keep children safe by limiting content or something? And this idea of a “porn ID”? You need an ID to buy cigarettes and alcohol, and in-person that’s fairly easy. But trying to carry out gate-keeping on the internet, well, “stupid, lazy, parents”; THAT’S YOUR JOB!!! Why don’t you pay attention to what your kids are doing!

When I was a kid, TV was only a few decades old. Parents complained that kids watched too much of it. (Frankly, most of what was there was 50s and 60s reruns, and the 70s were strange anyway, so really it was all bad.) “Go outside and play!” was their answer. Unsupervised. Mind you, there were no cell phones or computers. Things could happen but kidnapping or molestation by strangers was not a common thing. For the most part as time progressed, parents realized they could plop their toddler in front of a TV set and they be mesmerized for hours. That became the babysitter.

When I was sitting in a financial aid office in a hospital 10 years ago, after I had been there and needed financial help. I witnessed these 3 little Hispanic kids fighting over a brand new over $600 iPad at the time. Yet they needed financial aid for their medical bills. So how could they afford a $600 iPad when I could barely get by? I started seeing more and more, young kids playing games, watching videos on cell phones and iPads from 4 to 12. WTF?? So now the internet is the new babysitter!

So what do we do? We attempt to legislate parenting. The government is NOT the parent. Anyone can have a kid. No license required. If their kids are getting into drugs and watching porn it’s the parent’s fault!! They make software filters for mature content. No one uses them, they can’t be bothered, too complicated, blah, blah, blah. NO! You’re a LAZ|Y PARENT!! You don’t pay attention to the video games your kid is buying or playing, much less the tv shows they watch. You have no idea what they’re doing on the computer. You likely can’t name their friends or their parents. Do you even know what their favorite color is and why? You just don’t pay them much more attention than you do the dog or cat. You don’t need to become tech savy. Know the basics but moreover, talk to your kids about the dangers out there. Sit with them and show them why. They are a blank canvas, they need input and guidance. Not adulting authoritarian style BS! “No” should be a big part of a parent’s vocabulary, followed by an explanation. Not “because I said so!” BS!

This relying on the gov. to do everything for you is just sheer laziness. If someone’s making something illegal for people to buy, it’s not a requirement you go and find it and buy it! Trying to control the internet and wrangle in all that’s out there is just authoritarian at best and fascist at worst. Black markets will always exist. Telling businesses what they can and can’t offer for responsible adults is fascist. Problem is, no one wants to be responsible for themselves or their actions.

Unlicensed parents of children need to take responsibility for raising those children and stop letting gov. run schools and laws try to legislate parenting! Taking away everyone else’s freedoms in the process. Yeah, because most people want to act like they’re 3 and have the gov. do everything for them. I certainly don’t need gov. breathing down my neck 24/7 telling me what I ALLOWED to do or not do. I’m an adult! And 3yos don’t sit around smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and watching TV all day. Oh, wait, they do watch TV all day. Because of LAZY PARENTS!!

I can see already, even my spell check doesn’t like the word “fascist”. It wouldn’t display it as an optional spelling when I left out the “s”. Point is, these laws of predictions and possible outcomes based on assumptions and possible intents need to stop and be rescinded. This is thought policing and “future crime”. Intent doesn’t mean anything until acted upon. Most of us would be in prison for wishing someone in our lives dead if that were the case?

Just because I buy a $1,000 doll that looks like an 8yo, does NOT AUTOMATICALLY constitute any intention of wanting to practice breeding with it. I paid MY money for IT. My “intentions” with IT, should be nobody’s business!! Same as I’m not thinking a parent’s automatically gonna do something sexual with their kids while they’re alone at home and shut the bedroom door. I know if it were me, it would be because they needed a serious talk or had something personal they needed to talk about and were afraid to share openly.

Governments need to remember an object is not a person. A machine is a machine. Stop conflating one with the other. Assuming “worst case” scenarios and surmising what a person “may” do! And peadophiles are NOT automatically molesters. Same as someone buying a handgun isn’t automatically out to rob a liquor store. When will the insanity ever end?!?!


I don’t figure this is the right place to put this. I’m putting it here anyway. I think it’s insightful. I felt surprised to find that the military had any regulations about dolls.

Punishment for failing to feel protective of a doll or for not subscribing to sympathetic magic cannot be justified.


Sounds like “indecency” is the military catch-all charge for prosecuting any behavior they want. Just like “obscenity” charges for civilians. This was a sad but interesting read. Don’t know what a random judge may find to be indecent? Tough luck now get in a cage.

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