New Japanese smartphone prohibits users from taking naked selfies

Smartphone Protection is an AI system that works with the Tone e20’s camera . After a photo is taken, Smartphone Protection analyzes the image and checks to see if it’s “inappropriate.” While Tone Mobile doesn’t say exactly where that line is drawn, it has announced that Smartphone Protection won’t allow you to take naked selfies . If you try to, you’ll get an error message saying that the photo cannot be taken, and the image data will be discarded without being saved.

However, Tone Mobile didn’t develop Smartphone Protection because they think that consenting adults sending each other sexy pictures is sinful, but in hopes of protecting children and teens . With smartphones all being instantly Internet ready, the company wants to provide increased security for minors who may be targeted by online scams and coercion tactics in which they’re tricked or threatened into sending nude pictures of themselves.

To that end, Smartphone Protection can also be linked via an app to a parent or guardian’s phone . If the link is established, when the Tone e20’s user attempts to take an inappropriate photo the parent’s phone receives an alert, which contains the date and time of the attempted photo, GPS information for where the attempt took place, and a pixelated thumbnail of the photo (which Tone Mobile says is not retained on any other devices or servers).

That seems quite convenient. I wonder where this will lead…

This is a disgusting, complete and total violation of human rights.

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Hm… I might have to reconsider or revise my opinion, but I want to know what you think about all this, and why. How so?

I’m not sure why or how you are ok with this.

This technology is a wet dream for American boomers and Gen Xers who vehemently refuse to acknowledge natural teenage sexuality and have tried for so long to control the sexual behavior of the youth to fit their asinine morals. This technology allows for effective and authotorian control over the sexual behavior of the youth and it will punish it accordingly.

It’s sexphobic tyranny.

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I can understand why you feel that way. I wouldn’t like to have my photos filtered over a perceived injustice predetermined without adequate conquest. Of course, actions such as these can lead to many more problems, especially involving a need for control. Thinking about how much it can spread is almost terrifying, to say the least.

A morbid thought but I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just throw the teenagers under the bridge here so that we wouldn’t have silly politicians pointing to images all the time and using that as pretexts for 1984-esque lunatic laws.