New Research Paper - Unconventional harm reduction interventions for Minor-attracted persons

I figured I would share an article I had found.


Minor-attracted persons raise multiple ethical and legal challenges. Sexual contact between adults and children is justly prohibited on child welfare grounds. Advances in technology raise the prospect of interventions for minor-attracted persons that have the potential to reduce harm to children by diverting would-be offenders to other endeavors that nonetheless may generate moral disgust This essay examines three of these potential harm reduction technologies (sex robots, haptic devices and synthetic child pornography) and raises the possibility that their use can be justified and their acceptance morally obligatory if doing so reduces harm to real children.

I have a lot of trust and admiration for the author of this paper as well.


I might just have to go and purchase access to this article.
The guts required to not only write, but release this article must be insane.

try just emailing the researcher, usually they can (and will) give you a PDF

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It’s so bizarre, what this researcher is writing should easily be as controversial and inflammatory to the average person as what Dr Allyn walker put out, and yet this flew under the radar while the latter made national news. I figure it’s because walker is trans so it’s easier to tie it to the narrative of groomers in the lgbt community.

The culture wars poison everything it seems.

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If you trace the attacks against Walker back to their origins, the further back you go, the more blatantly transphobic they get. It was transphobia that gave them enough steam to reach the mainstream, at which point moral panic was enough to keep them going.

I’m considering paying for the full release, but if I do so, I probably wouldn’t be able to distribute my copy, but I would be able to write up a post summarizing various points!

I do not see harm in any of these propose therapies. In the clinic I work (Yokohama), both doll and synthetic pornography are use in treatment. So far, haptic device are not use, but I forward this to my clinic manager. Thank you for the reference.


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