New Tor onion site for this forum! Test it now

Exciting news! To further improve your privacy and security, Prostasia’s web forum is now available on the Tor network also. Here’s the address, which will only work using the Tor browser:


For optimum security, we recommend that you create a brand new account for accessing the site through Tor, that you haven’t used when accessing the site on the clearweb. Also, don’t use the Google or other social media login shortcuts, but create a new and unique username and password.

Please try it out and let us know if you have any problems.


Discourse (the forum software) requires JavaScript for a long of things (unless you’re logged out) and onion links make me instinctively flinch (you can blame some people in some places posting links to very naughty things, never where you would expect…)

There are some Discourse lookalikes which don’t need JavaScript, but I’m not sure they would work.

Thanks to a new feature, if you visit this site at its ordinary web address in the Tor browser, it will show you a button that you can press to go straight to the onion version. See the screenshot for how it looks.

Unfortunately I messed up somewhere and had to make a new onion address though, which I’ve updated in the post above (the original onion address will no longer work).


Due to a change in the Tor protocol, our old onion link no longer works and has been replaced by a new one:


If you access the forum over Tor, then the address bar should prompt you to switch to the onion version of the site. If you have trouble with this, please let me know.

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I’m not able to log in, it’s showing “Unknown error” for me

Try reducing your security settings in the Tor browser (I know that defeats the purpose somewhat, but Discourse was not developed for Tor).

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