"Normalizing Pedophilia" with ethan edwards and illuminati

If i remember illuminatii’s video correctly you said that you weren’t in favor of “normalizing” pedophilia. When asked through email by blair. I want to know why or if you even said that. I assume you know that the ridiculous phrase “normalizing pedophilia” is the number 1 weapon anti’s enjoy pulling against us.

Correct me if i’m wrong but I’m pretty sure she asked you out of the blue. “are you in favor of normalizing pedophilia.” she just dropped it with no context. I assume because of this you just went along with it and said yes “im not in favor of normalization.”

Honestly you could have educated her on how the pharase “normalize pedophilia” lack’s any kind of
objective meaning and is incredibly manipulative.

Did you really say this and if so why.

Are you sure you have the right person? I don’t recall appearing in any videos. “Illuminatii” does not sound familiar. Yes, of course it’s ridiculous. I don’t believe I ever would have intended to just take a question like that at face value.

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Never mind, I rewatched part of her video and she was quoting an article from someone else. She still does take you out of context. She quotes an article that says “Ethan Edwards, a co-founder of the group “virtuous pedophiles” who uses a pseudonym advocates against the acceptance of pedophilia.”
So she still is misrepresenting you but not in the way I remembered, sorry i remembered wrong. :frowning: Anyway the video is just more anti map bullshit.

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