"Normalizing" Pedophilia

Sex education normalizes it.

Pedophiles existing normalizes it.

Pictures of people getting shot and violently murdered is okay. Innocuous stills of anime not. Supposedly, NAMBLA is going to rise from the grave and takeover the world if this happens.

Lolis normalize it.

Writing a news report on pedophiles normalizes it and may get you cancelled like Salon.

The wrong literature normalizes it.

Importing Japanese games normalizes it.

“Ageing” up 17 year and 364 day old characters to 18 normalizes it.

Pictures of pedophiles normalize it. Some search engines took the liberty of scrubbing all these from their search results.

If you use the wrong word, you are a pedophile. Especially, those vile and monsterous Pokemon Go players. This is okay because children.

If you have “loli” in your name, you are a pedophile, have 100 exabytes of CP on your hard drive, grooming every child on the website, and need to be immediately banned.

Supporting trans rights normalizes it.

Being a furry normalizes it. Those spooky fursuits.

Roleplaying as a little girl normalizes it.

Pictures of children might be seen by a pedophile. We need to censor them or they will send spooky mind rays at them through time and space.

APA got cancelled because they used a term with no actual practical meaning (sexual orientation) and which wouldn’t have made a difference in court because courts have already made determinations regarding child pornography against individual rights in the case of the First Amendment. There is no such law to begin with, and it appears to be irrational conservative fears.

The Daily Mail, the top conservative newspaper in the United Kingdom, which sells millions of copies and is known for irrational hysteria, decided that a few dozen people saying things on Twitter were so spooky and scary that they just had to smear them by associating them with an individual who has never had anything to do with Twitter and to cherrypick and mutter incoherent nonsense. They even almost dragged Dr. Craig Harper into it for the crime of saying that not all pedophiles molest children.

At this point, I think this nonsense is just a weapon to smear enemies and find excuses to “normalize” the censorship of the web.

Soon: You have a little girl in a novel? You must be normalizing pedophilia.