Not helping our case

As much as I support the lgbtqw community I believe that this goes too far, even though the crotch is covered.



I’m all for public pride and kink-related expression, but disallowing the participation of minors in anything kink-related should be a no-brainer.
Allowing that puts children at immediate risk of sexual exploitation and I feel as though those who enable this should be held responsible.

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This woman is being far too smug considering the situation:

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Eh, I don’t really see a problem with that one. A kid tried to do something nice and respectful and they’re happy about it as a teacher


Did you hear her? I mean this better fits your description than the previous clip.

Explaining their change in an honest open conversation is not “grooming”.


If this was a dude at a public beach in a speedo, or a woman at a public swimming pool in a bikini, nobody would be batting an eyelash at this…

Nudity is not inherently sexual, our culture makes it that way. There’s a difference between maybe showing a bit too much skin and grooming/assaulting someone. Is it also believed that every adult in nudist colonies are all just predators trying to justify being naked around kids, who’re also naked?

I’ve no reason whatsoever to assume the adult in that photo has any ill intentions. Such assumptions are a symptom of our sex-negative culture. Nudity ≠ grooming, nudity must be normalized if we’re to promote sex-positivity…

One last thing: can’t help but notice the sources of that image are InfoWars and The Daily Stormer, two infamous and well-known alt-right websites. I wouldn’t use them as a source if I wanted to remain a reputable journalist.


The kid is dressed. That’s great.

The adult, while severely scantily clad, is not directing any provocative attention towards the kid.

Pretty neutral overall. Not indicative of good. Not indicative of bad. Though, while this doesn’t overstep my own comfort level, this will and is most definitely overstepping some persons’ comfort level; some opinions of which will matter a lot more than my own singular disposition. This expressive imagery that I think of as semi-nude human body artistry more so than sexual/kink territory, not much different than a body-builder who just won a posing competition deciding to take a victory photo with his daughter, will regardless most likely not serve well to provide the expression it probably well-means intends to. It could actually just raise more concern. Need less reactionary bait material.


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The attempt to make out that the Roman empire (Trump version) is declining because of theatrical costuming, or because of pronouns seeming to suggest social non-uniformity, is opportunistic and pernicious.

Society’s real strength problem is that the monopolizing of everything by billionaires has given ever more people ever less reason to be enthusiastic about their society and fellow human beings.

Ideologues who think God loves Mammon seizing control, but hates harmless self-expression, are working for the destruction of society.

Eh, Yahweh is just another tyrant? How TF did this get Biblical?

Scratch a Trumpist and biblical opinions usually pop out.

But you’re the one who started talking about God and Mammon to begin with?

Just a bit of mind-reading of the viewpoint I was rebutting. But I am a Christian, albeit one who rejects anti-deviant superstition. Now, if you want to argue about religion, I’m disinclined to engage with you here. What’s important here is that there are religious people who will challenge other religious people. No one can let their values be co-opted by bigotry.

Wondered if the adult in that photo was actually a statue/manakin that the kid was just posing with. God forbid that he were butt-naked though…


The way the hand is blurred makes me think it’s not a statue

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I also noticed the irony that it’s Daily Stormer .cn like the suffix for China.

Members of the LGBTQ community isn’t helping their case by saying kink not only belongs at pride, but kids should be exposed to it.

At the very least it should be done in a more controlled environment for sex ed.

The ‘kink’ people at Pride marches are just a spectacle unless you KNOW what sex incorporating their costuming is. If you don’t know that, they’re like lion-tamers role-playing with people. Kids watch TV and they know people like to shoot and punch each other, a lot, and the idea of a mock whipping with friendly overtones can’t be too intimidating. It would be MUCH weirder for them to imagine that daddy put his penis inside mommy’s wuwu and splorted some sort of white goo to generate little swimming wormlets that would go up, find a kind of fish egg like thing and make a baby.

Nothing that weird could ever be seen or even imagined at Pride.

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By that logic, assuming that only dancing occurs, strip clubs can, in theory, be presented in an amphitheater.

True, they can just say they are playing pretend…but I am not sure…