Notice of forum bans

In an effort to bring this forum back into some semblence of order, the following users, mostly QAnons, have been banned for creating multiple accounts to evade suspensions:

@jureaf aka @meiling aka @pacificblue aka @kayton18 aka @ebrimaa52 aka @rasheida15

@citron0 aka @galilea858 aka @paula54

@lucille aka @gilbert880 aka @joycelin aka @ludger-jaguar

@phares05 aka @494305843863493484 aka @KIDSCANTCONSENT

More bans will follow.


I haven’t seen these users to be active. I hope that “More bans will follow” is not about me, right? I haven’t done nothing wrong.

If there is something bad in my behavior on this forum, i promise to change. Tell me what i need to change.

The person with the numerical username was fishy and the guy with the username KIDSCANTCONSENT was obviously a troll.

I mean they can’t, but Prostasia isn’t arguing that they can, in fact, Prostasia is arguing the exact opposite.

Anything that sexualizes actual, real-life minors in any way for whatever purpose is affirmatively and rightfully illegal.

So yes, the person is obviously a troll.