NY "child marriage ban"

Those who have seen my opinions on this subject may be surprised that I don’t oppose Cuomo’s action here. Specifically banning parental consent is a step in the right direction. Minors are not slaves, and this will go a long way towards stopping those forced “child marriages” that are often brought up against any advocacy for actually consensual marriages between minors and adults. Realize this does not in any way prevent a couple from petitioning a judge for emancipation or other special permission for the minor to legally marry. It only helps prevent the horror of abusive parents effectively “selling off their children”, which is not something I would ever want to be a part of. Leave it for us willing to do it legally, ethically, and with love.

17 year olds are children you sick fuck. What the hell is wrong with you. MARRIAGE BETWEEN A 17 YEAR OLD AND AN ADULT IS CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

Try telling that to Myra Gale Brown. :kiss:


Oh, like I’ve never heard that before (seriously, look me up). But perhaps you can be the one to finally explain to me what magical thing you imagine suddenly happens on a person’s 18th birthday suddenly make them an adult. The strangest thing I remember happening when I turned 18 was that somebody gave me a greeting card with a misquote from an old Alice Cooper song on it.

In reality, nature does do something to make one an adult. It’s called puberty, and it happens well before 18.

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