On the topic of lolicon in Sweden, Denmark and Finland

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Hello everyone.
I am creating this post in hopes that I may get further clarification on the legality of lolicon material in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
Below I will post the findings of my research and hopefully we can all together come to a clearer conclusion. I wish to state that even though some documents may indicate certain outcomes, it is always vital to check the date and ensure it is the latest version, laws change very often and the north has very volatile politics it seems.
Also I am sorry for my bad English, I am doing my best to translate this correctly.

I also I wish to state that the wikipedia article listed on other forum posts contains incorrect information because it is based 50 percent on assumptions and possible miss-translations(?).

Lets start with Sweden:
This article claims (removed link) that two more people were given sentences for the exact same material that someone else had been acquitted for. Not only that but according to a PDF I found online (can not find the link anymore, but here is the closest thing (removed link).

ECPAT Sweden (ECPAT) welcomes that the Swedish parliament in June 2018 adopted the bill
“Incorporation of the UN Convention on the rights of the child” 1 regarding incorporation of the
Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) 2 into Swedish domestic law. The bill is projected to enter into force by January 1, 2020.

  1. Child sexual abuse material (CSAM)
    To produce, possess, view and distribute documented sexual abuse against children under the age of
    18 is criminalised in Sweden and termed “child pornography crime”. However, this is not seen as a
    sexual offence (chapter 6 of the Swedish Penal Code13). Instead, it is classified as a crime against
    public order (chapter 16 of the Swedish Penal Code13). ECPAT recommended the Swedish
    Government to move the offence to chapter 6 of the Swedish Penal Code in the Second Cycle of
    UPR9 and it is still our opinion that this is imperative.
    The demand for CSAM is an impelling factor in children being subjected to sexual abuse. Behind the
    documentation there is almost always an actual child, whose human rights, health and dignity is
    being severely violated by sexual exploitation. Defining the offence as a sexual offence against a child
    would create more stable prerequisites for the abused child to be seen as an injured person in the
    legal process. It would also serve as an acknowledgement of the violation a child depicted in CSAM is
    exposed to. It probably would also entail that the investigations of these offences would be given
    higher priority. In 2017 ECPAT assigned two scientists at the Department of Law at Stockholm
    University to do an independent research study regarding this offence.14 They concluded that
    children´s rights probably would be strengthened if the offence were to be moved to chapter 6 of the
    Swedish Penal Code. As for sexual depictions of fictious children, for example animated pictures or
    videos, this could still be regulated as an offence of itself in chapter 16 of the Swedish Penal Code.

Next on is Denmark:
I was literally only able to find one source (removed link) and I do not know how much I can trust it.
It states:

Fictional material is not illegal in Denmark unless it is impossible to distinguish from realistic photographs

Finally is Finland:
This document from 2015 (removed link), which might be out of date so please beware, states:

A child is defined as a person below the age of eighteen years and a person
whose age cannot be determined but whom there is justifiable reason to assume
is below the age of eighteen years. The picture or visual recording is deemed factual in the manner referred to in subsection 1, paragraph 1, if it has been produced in a situation in which a child has actually been the object of sexually offensive conduct and realistic, if it resembles in a misleading manner a picture or
a visual recording produced through photography or in another corresponding
manner of a situation in which a child is the object of sexually offensive conduct.
I could not make head or toes of this text and do not know if it actually means it is legal or not.

I also attempted to translate a second document (removed link) which was not originally in english but this one is not only very old (2010) but also my translation was not very good and might be wrong.
Some lines that stood out:

The criminal code, chapter 17 section 19, according to
sexual morality infringing the children to present
the image of possession is to condemn it, who
unlawfully holds photographs,
video tape, film or other
realistic image recording, which is presented
to section 18, paragraph 4, of children
through sexual contact or the equivalent
of sexual intercourse or
other sexual morality manifest
in an offensive way.

Article 2 of the song according to the article
”child pornography” means any
material, which visually describes children
in real or simulated sexual
activities or any of the child’s
genital image for primarily
sexual purposes. Agreement in paragraph 3
says, however, that each party may
reserve the right not to apply 1
piece of a face (the child pornography production)
and paragraph 1, item e (child pornography
possession) completely or partially of
pornographic material for the production and
possession:- which only simulated
representations or realistic images of children, which does not

So in conclusion:
I have no idea. None of them have a clear cut answer and I would like to know if anyone of this community has better research material (or has consulted a lawyer. It would be nice to see prostasia hire a lawyer to sort through this.).
Once again sorry for my bad english, I will correct this post later with grammar.

I also wish to make a closing note saying that you should not let the world look down on you for how you spend your time. You do no harm to anybody by looking at cartoons and in the same way that gay people were abused by society in the past, we are the new group that must endure public scorn until the day we progress towards a more rational future as a society.


I don’t know what you mean by “none of them are clear”. Finland clearly states that it needs to be photorealistic and unlike many other states there is no gov. censorship. We have our own “18+ only” banner that you just need to put on your website, or store and you’re free to sell any software, art, game etc. because 18+ media does not require a rating. You can sell and distribute pornographic and other 18+ media freely as long as you don’t target minors.

You can also get a CLSD from Kela (national health care) when diagnosed with pedophilia, or pedophilic disorder. Finland is a very small country population wise tho (around 5 million), so nobody of the other nations care and us not existing is a meme.

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