One case already

Judge Douglas Grothaus dismissed, according to news reports about the Kentucky actions against Scott Phillips, the indecent image charges made related to the doll, citing the Ninth Circuit Federal Court’s decision for Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition. Surely, if obscenity had been an option, prosecutors would have happily charged the defendant with applicable charges. The dolls aren’t obscene, and Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition sets a precedent.

Certainly, when such has been determined already, what factors could lawmakers think banning makes?


The mere presence of a law can dissuade people from violating it as they either don’t want to be tied up in the legal system or they don’t know if they will be able to win (and risk facing heavy prison sentences).

They may also appear in the media and having anything even vaguely to do with pedophilia is often enough to damage your reputation and employment prospects. Laws, even ineffective ones, should never be passed lightly, but sadly, they often are.

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