Online ageplay safety tips

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Ageplay is a form of role-play in which at least one of the participants adopts the role or mindset of someone younger—a teenager, child, or even a baby. Although ageplay scenes and relationships can be sexual or non-sexual, they usually involve power exchange, in which the younger figure allows their older partner or caregiver to…

Prostasia is falling apart soon, and I’ll doubt it’ll find volunteers in sufficient quantity to make up for all the resignations that have already come, and will be coming.

Sites like this will always need to strike a delicate balance of being large enough to make their efforts worth a damn, but small enough so that it doesn’t ruffle the feathers of broader society. Prostasia just flew too close to the sun it seems and now it’s all falling down.

And what sort of prophet are you to say this, Mr. Anon?

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It doesn’t take a prophet to see the obvious. Forum engagement is wayyy down after the shoe0nhead and Allyn Walker fiascos while negative publicity on other social media platforms is wayyy up. Numerous executive staff members are resigning at the end of this year with seemingly very little interest from the forum in terms of replacements, and fake sites have sprung up directing traffic away from the real Prostasia.

“Falling down” might be a tad dramatic I will concede, "fizzling out* would probably be the more apt term.

The only one I can think of is the slanderous “” website, that unironically made untrue and false claims about the charity.

@terminus should REALLY consider filing a complaint with Google or their domain registrar to get the domain seized. They’re clearly infringing on the organization’s trademark and has caused undue harm to the organization, which has already had a hard enough time dealing with people literally LYING about the organization.


The Allyn Walker controversy didn’t really harm the Prostasia Foundation, at least nowhere near as much as the shoe0nhead controversy did. I have faith that @prostasia will recover, given enough time. There are still members on the advisory council and even @terminus will still be around to manage things from behind the scenes, albeit in a less active capacity.

I believe that, with time, another Executive Director candidate may approach the charity, one whose background, ideals, and qualifications comparable, if not identical, to those of Jeremy.

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It’s the holidays between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, generally online forums are slower during this time of the year as people have other things on their mind.

The shoeOnHead and Allyn Walker issues are just showing that Prostasia is doing their job and working on what they set out to do. As sad as it is, these are the kind of reactions that are to be expected when you are trying to focus on a neutral and evidence-based approach to CSA.


blink blink We are?

Not too much can be said about it right now, but we actually already have an excellent candidate for later in 2022. We discussed this a bit at the Annual General Meeting. We still have our Board of Directors and Advisory Council and both just got new members. We have some dedicated volunteers - old and new - who will continue doing what they have been doing.

I will also remain a volunteer - as such I’ll be able to give a little more time and attention to projects that are important to me, like Survivor Expressions.

It’s worth remembering that Prostasia existed as an all volunteer organization long before we had funding. Without funding we managed to put on events, keep up with regular content, run social media, recruit volunteers, speak at conferences, etc and so on… We made it work and since then, we have built a stronger foundation.

Your doom and gloom is a bit dramatic.

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I might be wrong, but I believe the Allyn Walker debacle was the first time Prostasia was spoken about in mainstream media… And it was almost universally painted as some sort of NAMBLA-esque organization.

The shoe0nhead folks got bored with this place pretty quickly, it’s what they do. The Allyn Walker controversy however has brought about enormous amounts of hatred and disinformation regarding Prostasia almost every where it’s been shared- even among more academic circles.

Not all publicity is good publicity, and the Allyn Walker situation was a pretty terrible way for Prostasia to register into the domain of mainstream readership.

No? Established outlets like MSNBC and others regarded the organization as a legitimate CSA prevention charity. The only ones that didn’t were Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

The Allyn Walker situation was awful. It was a relief to see the scientific community come together in support of Walker and their work, as well as condemning the University for their pandering to the SJWs/reactionaries.

But it put Prostasia in a better light among academics, which matters more than anything, honestly.


Disagree. There’s no such thing as bad publicity

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I suppose all publicity is good publicity if all you’re going for is publicity.

(real tongue twister that one)

Which is odd because, given his language (that vile nonsense about “greater social change”), I can’t imagine that this Victor Frost person as described in this video: Alleged Creator Of "Anti-LoIic0n" Convention Panel EXPOSED As Massive Hypocrite!!! - YouTube watches Fox News.