Online Safety Bill: New offences and tighter rules

From the “We learnt nothing the first time around” department. (They’re trying the porn restriction thing again, too.)

New criminal offences and major changes have been proposed in the UK’s landmark Online Safety Bill, which seeks to regulate social media and tech giants.

A new parliamentary report calls for adding scams and offences, like sending unwanted sexual images and promoting violence against women and girls.

A named senior manager at the tech giants should also be made personally liable in court for failures, it said.

Those behind the report said “we need to call time on the Wild West online”.

Damian Collins, chairman of the joint committee issuing the report, said: "What’s illegal offline should be regulated online.

“For too long, big tech has gotten away with being the land of the lawless… the era of self-regulation for big tech has come to an end.”

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