OnlyFans/Instagram model accused of "pedobaiting" commits suicide

Full disclosure: bit of a clickbaity title. Her reasons for suicide could very well have had nothing to do with the accusations. But all the news sites are reporting on her death this way, and I myself can’t think of a better way to word it.

Anyways, multiple news sites are talking about OnlyFans/Instagram model Diana Deets (aka Coconut Kitty) committing suicide. She was the subject of much controversy, as she would filter her pics to make herself look much younger than she really was (24, for the record), and so she was oft accused of pandering to pedophiles.

According to the news articles, she claimed she wanted to look like an anime character, to create a fantasy and make money sharing that fantasy. She didn’t leave behind any reason why she killed herself other than “the darkness that weighed on her heart”.

I decided to sift through some old posts on Reddit and such about her. So many people calling her disgusting for “trying to make herself look like a sexy 12yo” or “promoting the sexualization of young girls”. Posts calling her disgusting and shameful, even accusing her of grooming.

From what I’ve gathered, she was a kind person. A mother, sister, and daughter who was good to her friends and family, took care of animals, loved to create, etc. A headstrong, energetic person. Condolences to her loved ones. RIP.


I…have no words.

No one’s morality is worth someone’s life and well-being.


Same here, especially as one who would consider “darkness” to be a good thing (you know, the Jungian Shadow as something to be embraced a la Persona).


This goes to show that kids and MAPS aren’t the only ones that are harmed by this pedo panic or the prevention of “normalizing pedophilia”. Similarly to how she was treated just for looking youthful, people within the adult baby and diaper lovers community also have dealt with pedophile accusations for a long time.
I understand these accusations were not likely to be the only reason this person committed suicide, but it certainly didn’t help.


I’m just… so awe-struck at this, the callousness of people, the unawareness, the pure… I don’t like to use this term, but just… evil.

It’s evil what happened to this woman, what she was driven to do. I’ve probably said it before, but I fear no man more than he who thinks his actions unquestionable and his morality just, especially in the face of harm. I fear that, and I hate that, but then it becomes paradoxical in a way, so I have to moderate it.

I feel sick. Genuinely sick.


It’s worse than that. People are so scared of anything that even remotely associates children with anything sexual that they’ll murder a kid over it.


The News’ source said that his mother beat the child with a belt because he continued to touch his penis after being told not to, and then housemate Dadaille took over because he didn’t think she was doing it hard enough. He was left in the bathtub, urinating blood, for two days, while the couple told relatives that he had the flu.

What the actual fuck


jesus fucking christ


Well, that’s one of the worst crimes I’ve had the displeasure of reading about. And I’ve researched a LOT about TrueCrime. Beating a 4yo to the point he was immobile and pissing blood? For such a nothing reason? Seriously?

May the boy rest in peace. RIP Jayden Lenescar.


Update: I’ve read some more recent Reddit posts regarding CoconutKitty and her suicide:

501 votes and 173 comments so far on Reddit

These comments come across to me as largely unsympathetic. There’s the usual RIPs, but many of these very same comments still mention stuff like “…but she still shouldn’t have been pedobaiting. Condolences to her family.”

There’s one comment I read that basically says “So what? It’s what she deserves for making cp.” Got many upvotes, that one…

You mean photoshops of her own grownass self!!! I felt my face get red and I loudly swore at my phone when I read that. Dammit, I need to take some deep breaths and a drink of water…


I looked up what pictures I could find of Coconut Kitty. Some of the pictures did have a youthful facial appearance, but certainly nothing I would consider to look like an actual child. Given the viciousness of some of those Reddit comments, I wonder if they give the same treatment to anyone that happens to have a baby face. A lot of women strive to have a more youthful appearance as they age, but I guess that’s not allowed anymore. Looks like we need to ban makeup, plastic surgery, and photoshop now. Just think of how many children that will surely protect…


There’re people who shame models and pornstars just for looking underage. Too short, too small, etc. Straight-up trying to block people from entering certain industries just for how they look.


Purity culture is fucking weird. I vehemently disagree with bashing people for looking at loli/having sex with a childlike doll/etc, but I can at least understand why the bashers might think they’re fighting predators. But to target people who put themselves in the role of the ‘child’/‘victim’ (as well as actual fricking children themselves)? I have to marvel at the sheer amount of mental gymnastics that must be necessary for people to think this is somehow pro-survivor/anti-abuser -.-

Like, there are anti-kink people who think submissives and/or masochists must be reenacting trauma in unhealthy ways, and regardless of whether they’re factually correct I can at least sympathise with the intention of getting them to stop for their own good^, but why hate on them for it?? It’s baffling that these people act like subs are horrible people for being mentally ill/self-destructive because they’ve been abused; like at that point there can be NO pretense that any of this is about helping survivors, but lashing out at anything and everything you’re grossed out by. You don’t hate abusers because they hurt people; you hate abusers because they’re gross and you’ll hate everyone else you consider gross regardless of how different they are from abusers in the ways that SHOULD matter.


I went through a ‘kinky phase’ and for me personally (not saying this must be the case for everyone else), it really was more of a self harm thing and what I really wanted at the time (deep down) was for people (my counsellor, my partner to a certain extent though there’s also the opposing force of not wanting them to feel bad) to see it as a sad thing that I’m doing that to myself, sympathise with me and tell me I deserve better.

The pro-kink attitudes around me weren’t actually good for me, but that’s okay since I eventually pulled myself out of it and I understand the pro-kink attitudes are necessary and helpful for a lot of other people who weren’t like me. And of course those pro-kink attitudes were vastly better than the kind of millitantly anti-kink attitudes that would demonize me and call me an abuser for engaging in kink, even if it’s in the ‘role’ of the ‘victim’. I’m honestly not sure if I would be here today if that’s what I was faced with.


Look, aside the fact that i honestly do not believe she commited suicide because of that (she probably already had problems with depression), this pedo-baiting shit is just stupid as hell, literally, i searched for pictures of her on Google and literally: Tho some do give a more youthful look and are clearly edited, no single picture of her (at leasy the one i saw) ever did make her actually look like even a frinckin 12 year old girl. People seem to belive that looking youthful means you are just straight looking like a kid, but that’s not always the case. Looking young is not necessarily looking like a kid or even a minor. This woman (even on the edited photos) clearly is an adult and there’s literally no way an actual p would jerk off to her thinking she looks like a child. Plus, it’s absolutely concerning and actually VERY disturbing the fact that people have lost their sense of empathy over a moralistic crap to the point they are celebrating a person’s suicide. Which is not only a disrespect to not only the victim but with her family and friends as well. Honestly, people scare me.

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Prof that some people just should never, never, NEVER have children.

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Tell it to the Romans who crucified people. Looks like it’s making a come back.

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