Open Mike Night for Queer Youth at a Sex Shop?

According to this a school board member to host a ‘Open Mic Night’ For LGBTQ youth in her “sex shop”

However according to the source

But it’s totally fine! Mason says the kids will be “physically separated” from all her adult-themed paraphernalia by a curtain during the two-hour event.

“As this is a public event at a private business, anyone uncomfortable with the location may choose to not attend,” she said.

So if they aren’t going to be talking about sex nor get into contact with sex paraphernalia and aren’t being forced to go, what is the problem then?

Why is Jenn Mason not under arrest on felony charges?

Imagine if some random stranger, lurking in an Internet chat room, invited your child to a dildo shop to talk about sex. You’d call the cops and have the creep arrested. But through the rainbow magic of LGBTQ “inclusion” — a phrase that functions to deflect all criticism in a place where Joe Biden got 61% of the vote — this “celebration” of “queer youth” apparently didn’t raise any eyebrows in Bellingham.

Where is Anita Bryant now that we really need her?

Again, this event is an open mike night. It’s not meant to be a discussion on sex at all.

Ah, playing on the obscure and “unfathomable” connection between being sex-positive and being supportive of LGBT expression. Very much a shocker when you’re a militarist interpreting both sexual openness and heterodoxy (like being ‘queer’) as signs the military empire is losing its stiff upper lip.

One lesbian poem to rule them, one lesbian poem to destroy them all.

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