Overturn Authors Guild v. Google

Much of the censorship which has been done against fiction and art by Google can be traced back to the Authors Guild v. Google case, which gave Google the ability to train their algorithms on copyrighted content. While, the decision made by the 2nd Circuit was hoped to enrich society, Google is using it to the enact the most despicable sort of censorship.

It might be worth challenging Google in another circuit, perhaps even the 9th Circuit, to get the precedent overturned and force them to destroy their most despicable censorship AIs. It will be difficult however, and perhaps, even impossible. However, this is not only an afront to freedom, but to the principles of which fair use stand on, fair use is to be used to enrich our society and culture, not to be used as a tool to silence dissenting viewpoints and to push for a homogenous society.

Google is a Big Tech monopoly who have always done what they wanted. They set arbitrary policies and crush competitors at their feet, but after Authors Guilt v. Google, that had a marked change, they started to censor people using their own content. They started with 3D models which flew under the radar for a long time, and later extended their censorship even to 2D content. Is this transformative? Can you comprehend how much economic damage this would cause to the holders of the intellectual property which was used to train the algorithm?

We have to think of the rights of these poor impoverished artists and writers of loli art and fiction who are crushed underfoot by a large multi-billion dollar conglomerate who answer only to their shareholders.

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