Paedophiles using AI to turn singers and film stars into kids

Also found a Reddit thread discussing this article: Reddit - Dive into anything

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For an organization that has admitted false reports of CSAM significantly slow down their review process and harm their reviewers, the IWF sure has some interesting priorities


It’s also getting annoying having to constantly fact check them on the effects of these materials. I get that Brits don’t believe in free speech.

It’s also commonly-known among AI enthusiasts that the question as to whether a model was trained on CSAM (or any particular image) is one that can be answered by simply querying the model and analyzing the output. A generative-AI output trained on CSAM is just CSAM with modifications.

It’s also very unlikely that images trained on real abuse are being made. I don’t doubt it, but compared to the quality of images that don’t even have real photos of children in their training data (save for misc. 3D-modeled/rendered images of faces of non-existent people). There’s really nothing to worry about.

I’m worried that the constant alarmism by the BBC and IWF will pollute discourse.


I love how these redditors use moral argument against sex dolls and discuss if they cause harm. At the same time they indulge in other morally disgusting content, but hey it’s not sexual! Big YouTubers literally abusing, cutting off the head of baby dolls is considered funny.

What if that encourages psychos to do the same? Sadists exist. How is this not harmful?

Anyone with a brain can tell it is about morality and thats it. Also, mentioning Japan while they have much lower CSA rates DESPITE having CLSD on public display and other outlets. It is so cringe.


On that note, the Online Safety Bill became law today…

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On that note, the EU chat control law has been rejected:

the commission is now trying to save it by deleting a bunch of invasive parts (no backdoor for encryption and only scan when suspected for crime). However, I hope that it will get buried for good in two weeks, because laws can change, but a system stays.


postponed … the thing isn´t off the table just did not come through the Parlament yet. Might do so in the future through

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Idk about you guys but… touching kids is bad :wink:

Genuinely curious: when you posted that, were you expecting people to disagree? Knowing full well that you’re in the forum for a literal child protection organization? What was even your goal there?


Yup, touching kids is bad. Research indicates that child molestation victims develop several issues later in life. Um, thanks for telling us stuff we already know? :person_shrugging: