Pardon James Fairbanks

He killed an creature which has no right to life. The creature is child rapist who raped two children, one of which overdosed on drugs and died. Full story here:

Life for a Life, that child rapist deserved death. Justice was served this day by James Fairbanks.
Please sign this Petition.

As a reformed sex offender I would beg to differ. Life is a right, and death is a privilege. By killing someone for a crime you not only rob them of the consequences of their actions (They are, after all, not around to care) but you also rob the world of what they could have become. A system of protection has no merit if it knowingly causes unnecessary deaths. I understand being upset that someone raped a child, however, I am a firm believer in the fact that when preventing harm you should only use the minimum required force. Usually murder is not the least amount required to protect someone

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I know that this is meant to be a discussion and that @Katya means well, but I’m going to go ahead and say that we’re going to make it a forum rule against suggesting that people should die or deserve/d to die. This isn’t a chan site.


I’m against the rule that prevents me from suggesting that people ought to die in certain circumstances. From the perspective of a person who would protect their own potential children from abusive pedophiles through protective violence, I would kill to protect my potential children if I deem it is necessary. Because some people’s personalities cannot change. Some people put on masks to act like they’ve changed to improve themselves, but sometimes they’re only masks to hide their wayward ways. Theoretically, I couldn’t willingly have time to be a submissive and passive-aggressive punching bag if I were a mother. Mercy doesn’t always work for everyone from a realistic standpoint. Which is why James Fairbanks killed a child rapist to protect children. A system that prevents victims of pedophilia to use videos and pictures to defend themselves and a system that prevents victims of pedophilia to kill the pedophiles that victimized them legally looks like a system that protects the pedophilic industry that pretentiously claims it’s about justice from my point of view. Young kids are vulnerable in the fashion industry, entertainment industry, music industry, Disney’s industry, Hollywood’s industry, and so forth because of the pedophiles who control those industries from what I’ve learned about the greedy degeneracy that plagues those industries. I don’t have time to be nice if the rapists inevitably aren’t going to be nice, either. Sorry, not sorry.

Yes, while some people’s personalities cannot change, how are we, an outside observer, supposed to know with any certainty as to who can and can’t? Are we content to allow an educated guess dictate whether another human being gets to live or die? Are we to use numbers on a sheet of paper which analyze risk to determine this? Are we then comfortable saying that since African-Americans are more likely to be convicted of a crime, and are more likely to have multiple crimes on their record as justification to kill African-Americans “for the protection of us and our children”? In a less extreme sense is it okay to say that transgendered individuals are not allowed to use the bathrooms of their preference “to protect children from pedophiles”. While yes, these are two very different situations from what you are saying here, the threads of logic and harmful thinking behind them are the same. “I think this person may be a risk, so instead of using things like therapy/support to prevent them from harming others, I’ll just risk harming people.” There’s also the matter of taking the law into your own hands. The justice system exists because we, as a society, have decided that one person cannot, by themselves, decide the fate of another person. We have trial by jury and trial by judge for a reason. To make sure that justice, when meted out, is done so in the most just way possible. We are innocent until proven guilty, and ethically if someone has served the consequences of their crime or has not yet been proven guilty in a court of law (which yes, is an imperfect system that needs to be fixed) I see no grounds for defending the murder of a human being.


Fairbanks = the hero we don’t deserve. Prosecuting him instead of giving him a medal. I fully commend Fairbanks for his deliverance of pure justice.

Already read your post, FYI I’m not talking about you, I think juvenile offenders have greater potential for change for biological reasons.

Without an educated guess, it is the consistency of a person’s actions, feelings, and thoughts that determine whether or not they have the capacity to uphold justice and the protection of children. African-Americans are depicted as criminals because the white mafias want to control the world. Illogical white hegemony has been plaguing the “justice” systems in some countries such as China, Japan, and other countries, which has illogically caused dark-skinned Asians and black people to have lower statuses in their societies compared to light-skinned Asians and white people in general in some countries. So, I don’t judge a person based on whether or not they’re an African-American. I judge the consistency in their actions, thoughts, and feelings to realize what will happen now and in the future. Even though I believe in biological sex rather than transgenderism and even though I’m not a sex-difference denier, I haven’t found logical evidence that proves preventing transgendered bathrooms will protect children from pedophilia when the “justice” systems prevent victims of pedophilia to use videos and pictures to defend themselves. You said “we, as a society”, so realize that I am not a part of that “we” that you talked about. Because I’ve excluded myself from human societies because I simply don’t trust them. Wars, social classes, gender roles that cause women to be oppressed and abused by sexual predators, the societies that promote religions that have religious scriptures that talk about raping women and subordinating women, greed from average people, Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Vladimir Putin, Australia’s degenerating society of corrupt banks and greed, the Saudi Arabian government, the societies that promote illogical white hegemony, online surveillance, China’s anti-intellectual social credit system to benefit the Chinese dictators’ dehumanizing political agenda, the U.K.‘s anti-intellectual online surveillance country that keeps people from being able to have online privacy in order to train them to behave a certain way to benefit the U.K. elite’s power and echo chamber, the third world countries that continue to be third world countries due to corrupt leaders who want their slaves to have limited education and limited resources to exploit them, the societies that don’t ban B.D.S.M, and the fact there are “justice” systems that are controlled by people who claim that I cannot determine the fate of a person’s life even if I successfully came to the conclusion that a person is a potential threat to my potential family or friends all make me come to the conclusion that I cannot trust society with my decision-making. I wouldn’t protect my children in the legal sense because I don’t trust any government. You said “we are innocent”, but I don’t believe humans are innocent. They bully females with gender roles because they’re not decent people nor are they compassionate people who want to improve females. They cause wars to benefit their interests at the expense of compassion. Toddlers fight when other toddlers want to share toys. Social classes were created because of greed only, not because of decent morals. White hegemony is promoted by monsters, not decent people. If humans were innocent, then countries wouldn’t exist. The humans think themselves as innocent and the humans like to think their societies help them, but they are living in their comfy illusions. Humans are greedy animals who are too smart for their own good that are doing more harm than good actually. Societies were better before humans existed. And I’m talking about the societies that the non-human animals created so the non-human animals could work in groups to help themselves survive together. However, humans are more guilty than innocent on average if you actually looked at the statistics of corruption caused by greed, rape, bullying, immoral opportunism, increasing health problems, terrorism, brainwashing, crime, pollution in the waters, pollution in the foods, pollution in the air from smoking and factories, increased risk of cancer caused by the pollution from industrialization and drugs, wars caused by oil, wars caused by elitist warlords who want to see the world burn instead of letting people get rid of their violent power, sexism that is caused by sexual predators, B.D.S.M. that is caused by sexual predators, needless political systems that oppress people’s survival instincts because those political systems were created to make those people become dumbed down work slaves that aren’t smart enough to survive with rational minds that haven’t been destroyed with irrational insanity by their rulers, animal abuse, monstrous elites, increasing school shootings that were caused by a society that abandoned the improvement of children’s well-being because that society sold its soul to the devil for a greedily heartless economy before the coronavirus happened that made schools shut down, wealthy people who train their slaves to force drugs on the slaves’ children to make those slaves’ children trained to benefit the wealthy people’s political agenda and their cruel economy, and other things.

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You say you aren’t a part of human societies. Do you use public roads, do you go to the grocery store, do you use the internet, do you or you children go to school? Do you have health insurance? Do you own a debit card? Would you call 911 in case of a medical emergency? Do you speak with other human beings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a part of society. There is a political philosophy concept you might want to look into called the social contract. All “democratic” nations in the world were built on this idea. In summation, governments exist to give their citizens certain protections at the cost of certain freedoms. AKA, by living in this country you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you wish to be separate from society, step one would be to get off of nationally owned land. If you are interested in this, there is a patch of desert between Egypt and Sudan known as Bir Tawil, and is unclaimed by any government and is currently up for grabs.

While I agre that many countries are corrupt, I disagree that BDSM is one of the reasons why, and if you believe that is the case I would suggest reading the “About” on the Prostasia Foundation’s website, and I would ask you to question why you are here on this forum.

Lastly, I believe that based off of the behavior patterns you have described, you are a risk to my safety and the safety of those I care about. Would I be justified in taking action on that, or is it only something you can do?

Also, I would like to point out that not all evil in the world is a direct result of sexual predation as you seem to make it out to be. I have reason to believe that you might benefit from meeting with a therapist, however that would require engaging with society.

Your world view seems very narrow minded, and as I read this, I questioned if you even live in the same universe as me, or if I perhaps stepped into The Twilight Zone. I would encourage you to seek more accurate information, before trying activism of any kind, as a lot of your “logic” and beliefs seem to be rather incongruous with reality.

Lastly, if we were in a world without government’s we would have no protections but the ones we ourselves could provide, and based off of how unstable you seem to be, I doubt you would have the composure necessary to properly protect yourself against a trained attacker.


You have proven that you are blinded by greed and by the damage that has been done by humans for thousands of years. The coronavirus is the result of humans doing more harm than good in the world because the governments were allowing mad scientists to cook up things in their laboratories that resulted in the coronavirus to exist. The black plague was caused by humans manipulating their environment to the point where people were dying against their will. Most governments are not that protective towards its citizens like you claim they are. Reality is that humans are making the world worse with their greed, not better. The reason why B.D.S.M. is allowed in the societies is because sexual degeneracy is influencing the societies no matter what you say. People are drowning in immoral greed and hypocrisy. And you’ve proven that. The U.K.'s government is evilly brainwashing people with online surveillance and dictatorship laws. North Korea is controlled by the Kim Jong Un psycho who acts like a borderline Adolf Hitler. Donald Trump is a horrible president who doesn’t do anything to improve America despite what the delusional Trump supporters say. Justin Trudeau promotes hate speech laws because he’s a dictator who has been pampered by white privilege and he’s been a pushover to the misogynistic Saudi Arabian terrorists that he works with in regards to weaponry, he’s not a progressive democrat who truly promotes free speech because of the hate speech laws and the Saudi Arabian terrorists. The American government is controlled by elitist warlords who have been monstrously invading some parts of the middle east for oil and power. It’s about power, not justice. Which is why an increasing amount of apathetic psychos are increasing in America. Especially since the American government has been bought by the billionaire monsters that the has the goal of brainwashing children with fake history books, a religious Pledge of Allegiance (because America is truly not secular because it added the phrase under God in the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 during the K.K.K. movement), and making the children become dumbed down work slaves. America continues to deal with abusive poor working conditions from the Amazon company that make employees abused against their will. Which is why former Amazon employees are speaking out against Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is acting like a mad king who has ruined Seattle, Washington with his company and has caused the increased amount of homelessness in Seattle. Because America is controlled by elitist mad kings who abuse their employees with poor working conditions, decreased retirement benefits, decreased healthcare benefits, and a very big wage gap between C.E.O.s and employees from lower positions. The decreased benefits and that very big wage gap started after World War 2 because elitist sociopaths created privatization and a very big wage gap between rich and poor people in America in order to make the elite members in America get money quicker at the expense of the average Americans who are really exploited and subordinate slaves at this point considering that America is behind in mathematics, science, literacy, and other things because the monstrous elite in America has been degenerating Americans compared to Scandinavians because Scandinavians don’t allow themselves to drown in greedy degeneracy like average Americans do. Scandinavians have higher I.Q.s, they age much slower, they’re healthier, they’re wiser, and they are more compassionate than average Americans are as a result. And there’s a reason why wealthy business people from America have foreigners work in American businesses because the wealthy people in America know their exploited American slaves are too dumb and exploitable to work in the field of mathematics, engineering, etc. Because America has a toxic culture that will eat itself to death. The American society is eating itself to death because of America’s culture of greedy degeneracy that has been a culture since the day the British settlers raped and conquered the native “Americans” and created the monstrous empire known as the “United” States of America. “United” States of America was not created based on morality, but by greed and power. You don’t seem to have native “American” ancestry from what you told me. Otherwise, India continues to abuse potential entrepreneurs, which is why Indian entrepreneurs move to different countries such as Germany, America, and other places because India’s inequality has been causing poverty, which is why some Indians escape India because India was politically designed to only benefit its elite members the most because of the lack of compassion in India, not the average Indians that live there. Some Indians choose to stay to improve India, though. You mentioned that I would benefit from a therapist. But, I’ve already went to therapists. I don’t want to waste my money on them anymore. Especially since some therapists are part of the drug organizations in order to exploit people with drugs instead of actually helping them with their problems without drugs because some therapists are actually selfish. By the way, those Abrahamic religions were created by con artists who were sexual predators. They weren’t decent people. The societies promote those Abrahamic religions, which causes females to have patriarchal stockholm syndrome. There’s a reason why the Scandinavians promote an atheist environment. America, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Iraq, Syria, the continent of Africa, some of the latin countries, Canada, North Korea, China, and other countries are promoting patriarchal military terrorism despite what the delusional Canadians say. Canadian government is working the misogynistic Saudi Arabian terrorists in regards to weaponry. Meanwhile, Scandinavians are actually respecting their women, especially when they don’t have misogynistic religions influencing their countries. There’s a reason why Iceland banned the gender pay gap. Australia banned women from being able to do surgery on their boobs, which is not feminism at all. It’s just men controlling women’s bodies through politics. Speaking of bodies. My body is physically strong enough to lift heavy weights. My body is flexible enough. And my mind is not that unstable like you falsely claim it to be. I’ve done accurate research, and the world looks like it’s run by greedy terrorists who are making the world plagued with rape, war, social classes, needless occupational licensing to prevent poor people from getting jobs easily to benefit greedy elites, and other things. Freedoms and opportunities are decreasing worldwide to benefit the wealthy monsters who control the world at the expense of their subordinate slaves. The governments are actually working in the interests of the wealthy people more than the subordinate slaves despite what you said about governments protecting people. Online surveillance and advertisements are what the wealthy people use to exploit their slaves emotionally by getting their slaves to buy products while the wealthy people get a lot of money because they know their slaves don’t have online privacy to defend themselves from advertisement exploitation. That’s why activists move to countries that don’t allow online surveillance and they use privacy-respecting computers, privacy-respecting phones, and privacy-respecting devices in general because the wealthy monsters are using Google, online surveillance, and advertisements to exploit people emotionally to get money from them because they don’t have privacy freedom from online surveillance and advertisement exploitation on their devices since there is an increased amount of advertisement I.D.s that are preinstalled in electronic devices now. Walmart, Amazon, Target, some of the popular stores for clothes, and other corporations that are known for having abusive sweatshops overseas that abuse children because the wealthy people in America know that children are easily exploitable in poor countries. You don’t seem to live in a third world country where you’re getting exploited with no benefits.

P.S. I was born into a family with a family member who was part of the U.S. military. There’s a good reason why my family member left the U.S. military because he wasn’t impressed with the U.S. military enough to be away from their family. Because the American elite is breaking the family unit in America, it’s breaking the financial equality of people to benefit the greedy elite, and it’s breaking the compassion that has caused school shootings, drug addictions, crime, cussing, B.D.S.M, obesity, emotional corruption, depression, suicides, increased poverty, and the American elite members using their bribed thugs to start the silent killings or silencing of activists, journalists, and whistleblowers through gag orders or other threats. There’s a reason why Edward Snowden left America.

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Did you ever bother to look at the Prostasia Foundations “About” page? I ask this because you still look to be on a forum for the wrong group. I would like to see the some of the sources for your “accurate research”, because I have to see a single statemnt from you that seems consistent with the universe I hail from. If I have indeed stepped into another dimension, I would like to become acquanited from it’s world. I am also sensing some strong Scandinavian Supremacy from you and question wha tthat is all about. And, btw, I am a native american, and was raised Lakota Sioux.


You seem to also bear some strong opinions… of course, I might be saying this because they so closely resemble my own. Maybe I’m being too overly entertained by your spat with Genav.

“Transgenderism” where am I? Parler? Time to clean house @terminus

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I think this person meant to sign up for Parler and accidentally found Prostasia!

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Archived Link:

It’s saddening to know one of his victims went so far as to take their own life, although I don’t think this sort of vigilantism is the answer.

How do these sentences work? Aren’t child rapists usually sentenced to decades or life? If someone were arrested for viewing CP, they would face five years. This is far greater than someone who has indirectly taken the life of one and traumatized another.

Do we need a better means of taking testimony from victims which is less likely to further inflame their trauma?

I believe if you compare federal only sentencing for possession of csam vs the average nationwide chomo sentence (state AND federal), hands on offenses often get far lighter sentences than possession offenses. The reason is chomo crimes are rarely prosecuted on the federal level. The federal level rarely prosecutes hands on offenses unless it’s production of csam. States usually take chomo fuckers to task. I think this might be due to how jurisdiction plays out. The feds would love to go after a ton of chomo cases, but maybe those are only jurisdiction of the state level? But they definitely have jurisdiction to viewing csam over the internet since it involves interstate or international commerce.

If you add in possession prosecution on the state level, you might get very, very different results though. Federal sentencing is known for being much harsher than state. Madoff, one of the worst white collar criminals got >150 years. In my state, he would likely had gotten 12 years. I think white collar crimes are capped at 14 years.

Might some level of drug reform play a role in preventing incidents like this happening again? If the drug overdose was accidental, it might be worth having access to hospitals where it can be safely administered, than doing it yourself with a syringe and risking adverse effects.

Switzerland introduced something like that. Thought they are injection sites rather than hospitals. Heroin users can switch out used needles for clean ones (reducing spread of HIV) and can receive heroin that is not contaminated. They inject themselves inside these sites and walk out. Keeps the streets clean of needles and far fewer overdose deaths. It works! Punitive drug policies fail hard so try something else that actually works.