Pedophile serving life gets another 129 years for filming his depraved child rapes

FYI, this story takes place in the Philippines.

Pedophile serving life gets another 129 years for filming his depraved child rapes

A notorious pedophile already serving life in prison in the Philippines has been sentenced to another 129 years — for filming himself raping impoverished kids, including a baby and a girl found buried under his home.

Jailed Australian Peter Gerard Scully, 59, was sentenced this month alongside his Filipina girlfriend, Lovely Margallo, who got 126 years, according to Philippine News Agency.

Two others who helped them got nine years each.

Prosecutors detailed how Scully moved to the Philippines in 2011 to escape fraud charges in his home country — then started filming himself raping children to sell to sickos online.

Victims included an 18-month-old baby, as well a girl whose body was found buried under the floor of Scully’s house, prosecutor Merlynn Barola-Uy told Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Two of his victims — cousins ages 10 and 11 — previously told the Sydney Morning Herald how they were chained up for five days and forced to dig their own graves while being repeatedly raped on camera.

They eventually escaped, leading to Scully’s arrest in 2015 and the unraveling of his despicable crimes, including the buried body of the girl, who appeared to have been raped and strangled, the reports said.

His videos, which he reportedly sold to creeps in Germany, Brazil and the US, showed Scully and his girlfriend inflicting “extreme kinds of abuses,” Barola-Uy told AFP.

“They were very graphic, they were very brutal,” she said.

Anti-human-trafficking agent Eric Nuqui had earlier said the vids showed “some sort of systematic torture of children until death.”

Scully faced so many charges that they were split into two batches. He was sentenced to life in prison for the first set in 2018 — laughing and joking in court. Another former girlfriend, Carme Ann Alvarez, also got life for the initial crimes.

Scully was then sentenced to the extra 129-year sentence on Nov. 3, after he reached a plea deal on the latest 60 charges, which included trafficking, child pornography, child abuse and rape. None of the charges appeared to be directly for killing the abused girl whose body was found under his home.

Prosecutors said victims and their families deemed the deal a “sweet victory.”

“They all want to put closure to this dark phase of their lives and move on,” Barola-Uy said.

Two locals — including a taxi driver accused of trafficking girls for Scully — got nine-year sentences. “They pleaded guilty to the charges so they could be given shorter sentences,” Barola-Uy told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“I hope this sends a very strong message to all abusers, all human traffickers, that crime really does not pay,” she told AFP of the lengthy prison terms.

Scully is in Davao Prison and Penal Farm in Panabo City.

Oh, it’s this guy. The one who made snuff videos according to Wiki.

I knew the name sounded familiar.

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Ah, Peter Gerard Scully, so-called “Australia’s worst pedophile”. This guy’s such piece of work (to put it lightly), he has his own Wikipedia page!

Prior to his move to the Philippines, his criminal record involved no CSA, only 117 fraud and deception offenses relating to real estate scams. But once in a new location, he quickly gained dark web infamy for his numerous CSA snuff films. Assisted by his two Filipina girlfriends, the trio lured and kidnapped young urchins (including infants only months old) to their house and did unspeakable things to them in their basement, filming it all (with their own faces masked) to sell to the highest paying customers. His films were so graphic, people thought it was the stuff of myth: a dark web ghost story. But the people who’ve viewed them can tell you just how real they are. Apparently, the screaming’s the worst part, and people’ve gone comatose and needed to be sent to psychiatric facilities after seeing Scully’s “work”.

Filipino police issued a nationwide manhunt for an “older, white Australian male and his two young Filipina accomplices”. Scully was arrested and sentenced to life. The Philippines abolished capital punishment after it was abused during the Marcos dictatorship, but former president Rodrigo Duterte considered reintroducing it just to execute Scully. This one man is the main talking point behind bringing back the death penalty in the Philippines!

Scully’s remained tight-lipped about his past and why he did the things he did. The most he’s given us is that he was molested by his priest when he was a boy, but that alone doesn’t explain his crimes. Experts are fascinated by how suddenly and quickly he escalated from real estate scams to CSA snuff films. He apparently intends to write a tell-all autobiography that will go into detail about his upbringing and why he went into the CSA snuff industry. In the meantime, both he and his sister have complained about him being mistreated while in prison, though nothing has come of this as of typing.

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That is an unusual progression. If he lives to write his story, psychologists will have much to chew on.

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