Pedophilia need bigger sentence by 494305843863493484

u should never be able to take innocence away from child and be ever free u must remain jail forever
we need to end release of predator keep pedo in jail forever. evil takes lives of innocent away never release them they rape children they do horrible things to children never release them never allow them out jail stop them never let them out if child victim never free so too should pedo never be free he must never be release keep him in chain keep him in jail never let him out never ever he is beast he is predator he will kill rape more children we know all of this we know they will do this

they are evil they will rape if release only to rape again of a child to take the innocence away from another child to take the innocence away this must never be allowed never release them they are terrible evil never ever i hate all of them evil terribad evil evil horrible i hate them all i hate all i hate them i deep hatred hate hate them all pedo are evil do not release they are evil

Fascinating view, EthicalAI.

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The idea that increasing sentences reduces offending isn’t supported by evidence. Sentences are already extremely high. Much more can be done to prevent offending by offering support and early intervention. And the views of our supporters align with this: here is a preview of the results of our recent survey, which we’ll be releasing in full in December.