PhotoDNA and CP Databases

I assume this is the right category or i am wrong, by the way recently there was the concern of legal or harmless images being added to CP/CSEM databases, and also the european union has proposed a regulation that would give ISPs the permission to use a software to detect CP/CSEM images comparing these to databses in order to have them being prevented from being uploaded or downloaded(even though this won’t work with end-to-end sites).
What i want to know is, does people who uploaded images that didn’t costitute CP material get reported by these systems? I would like to see some witness if it happens, and also keep in mind that Google, Bing, Twitter and other sites use PhotoDNA and even though that on these sites i see content that by logic could have been added to cp databases, if these are actually flawed, like lolicon for example

That is political theater. Around 80% of websites use HTTPS these days which is a sort of point to point encryption that ISPs can’t pry into. At best, they could block the IPs (even though the server might mostly house legitimate content and be unaware of the illicit material) or stop the DNS from resolving, but anyone who is savvy can get around that very easily.

Lolicon is legally cartoon child pornography. It is illegal or close enough to being illegal that no major platform wants anything to do with it. Even if they didn’t care, it would bring them terrible, terrible press.

People have been arrested for it before, whether posting it on Facebook, getting caught with it on their machines or even running websites in countries they really shouldn’t have.

You would have to restore freedom of speech and freedom of expression to the West for that to have a sliver of a chance. And repeal Fosta.

Yes, the definition of it is notoriously vague and would constitute a lot of content that no one would have batted an eye to half a century ago. AIs are also not perfect and do have a certain rate of false positives.

Never heard of people getting arrested for posting it on facebook or for running a website, i’m only aware of the cases i seen, and i was sure that i have seen all of it, usually people gets charged when they import doujinshis from Japan like when it happened in Canada, or when they are on probation or possessed real CP like in the US, if you have more sources about people getting busted for loli, feel free to post, though this is something that used to happen in 2008-2014 as much as i’m aware