Police Response to Child Sending Photos

“I just want her to realize what this was,” says the father. “I mean, reality is not much I probably can do about it, is there?”
One of the police officers responds: “I mean, she can probably get charged with child porn.”
The father is taken aback, and clarifies that he believes his daughter is the victim, not the perpetrator.
“Doesn’t matter,” says the officer. “She’s still making porn.”

Makes you wonder who’s side are they on?


I’m not surprised, child pornography is a crime where minors are often the perpetrators.

In Germany, according to crime statistics roughly half of all perpetrators of child pornography are minors. Minors age 12-14 are about 20x more likely to be perpetrators of child pornography than adults 30+. Minors engaging in consensual sexting with each other, and even minors who have become victims of CSA and produced CSAM in the process are routinely criminalized, although at least here they can only be prosecuted if they are at least 14.

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I will go on record again as saying the law needs to change because it is ASININE to punish someone because they have/had pictures (or video) of THEMSELVES


Or because they shared a nude with their same-aged partner, or because they had an innocent photo of their own kids in the bath, or because…
Real examples, btw

This is disgusting to see having had been floated or humored by the officers here, since the child in question is a victim of grooming and exploitation, and the idea of being retaliated against is the NUMBER 1 REASON WHY VICTIMS DO NOT COME FORWARD ABOUT THIS!!

It makes me so sick to my stomach. I hope these officers are appopriately reprimanded, but I’d like to see legal immunities be introduced to CSAM laws which PROTECT victims from prosecution, especially in situations where it can be proven that they were coerced or intimidated by an adult predator.


We need protections for victims and protections for people who report it. (Plus a revamped system to take advantage of the fact that support is more effective than incarceration, but I digress)

Honestly even if they can’t prove they were coerced, I don’t think there’s really any case where a child should be prosecuted for sharing their own pics. The adult recipients bear responsibility in those situations (unless the pictures were unsolicited)

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