Pornhub: Mastercard and Visa to block use of cards on site after child abuse allegations -> Pornhub removes millions of videos after investigation finds child abuse content

I wasn’t sure if I should split this into two separate topics, or consolidate it into one.

So around four days ago, there was this article on The Guardian.

Mastercard and Visa said on Thursday they would block their customers from using the credit cards to make purchases on Pornhub following accusations the pornographic website showed videos of child abuse and rape.

They reacted following an investigation by the opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times that also alleged the site depicts revenge pornography and video taken without the consent of participants. Pornhub has denied the allegations.

Mastercard said it is terminating use of its cards on Pornhub after its own investigation confirmed violations of standards prohibiting unlawful conduct on the site. Mastercard said it was also investigating other websites for potential illegal content.


Pornhub has removed millions of videos – the majority of its content – after an investigation revealed a large number of them featured underaged and sex-trafficked subjects.

The popular adult content site had prohibited unverified users from posting new content after a New York Times report revealed a number of inappropriate and illegal videos, including some involving minors, causing the credit companies Visa and Mastercard to cut ties with the company and all related websites.

Now Pornhub is also removing content previously uploaded by unverified users.

About time. It might be fairly easy for a moderators to spot obvious child rape. But how would a moderator be able to tell the difference between someone 16-17 to those in the 18-23 bracket without an ID? There are teens who could pass as older than 17, there are adults who could pass as younger. If a video titled said “22 year old”, how do you know it’s really 22 years old and not someone 16? People can and do lie about their ages. It’s not as easy to tell the difference between older minor teens and young adults as it is between young adults and younger children. We NEED age verification!

If the legal producers wish to reupload, they should be permitted to do so, but this time they will need to prove that they, at the time of filming, were of legal age.

However, this is a moot point in animation, which is the major inconvenience for me.

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