Press article: "The bizarre world of tax-exempt pedophiles"

Here is another press article, full of falsehoods, that attempts to smear us by association with pedophilia. We responded with this statement of our own, which they may or may not publish:

Prostasia Foundation is a child protection organization, with an evidence-based approach to child sexual abuse prevention. We have zero tolerance for child sexual abuse, and for the distribution of photographs and videos of such abuse. Because about 30% of cases of child sexual abuse are committed by pedophiles, it is essential that we support measures to prevent this community from offending. This should not be mistaken for support for pedophilia—to make this mistake is to weaponize the stigma around pedophilia to impede the work of legitimate researchers and clinicians. As we have made very clear several times, we do not support pedophilia; we do support preventing pedophiles (and others) from committing abuse.

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The biggest problem of all is that you’re right in a lot of places. Greater society hhhaaattteesss people who tell them what they really don’t want to hear.