Press article: "The bizarre world of tax-exempt pedophiles"

Here is another press article, full of falsehoods, that attempts to smear us by association with pedophilia. We responded with this statement of our own, which they may or may not publish:

Prostasia Foundation is a child protection organization, with an evidence-based approach to child sexual abuse prevention. We have zero tolerance for child sexual abuse, and for the distribution of photographs and videos of such abuse. Because about 30% of cases of child sexual abuse are committed by pedophiles, it is essential that we support measures to prevent this community from offending. This should not be mistaken for support for pedophilia—to make this mistake is to weaponize the stigma around pedophilia to impede the work of legitimate researchers and clinicians. As we have made very clear several times, we do not support pedophilia; we do support preventing pedophiles (and others) from committing abuse.


The biggest problem of all is that you’re right in a lot of places. Greater society hhhaaattteesss people who tell them what they really don’t want to hear.

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Article is written by a grade A retard. I find pedophilic feelings to be disgusting and do not understand it AT ALL, shaming people does not reduce re-offense… All that shit does is drive them “underground” where they won’t get the help they need.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, I don’t think humanity has evolved past the torch-bearing witch-burner stage. Obviously, the lives of those torch bearers are basically worthless, compared to the “witches” whom they burn, but they are still existent and influential in society.

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These religious pedophiles found a loophole in the law to make sure their victims aren’t able to protect themselves by using pictures or videos for self defense. Pedophiles have political power by using political loopholes, bribes, sexual abuse, grooming, and fearmongering. Girls are the most vulnerable in this situation because predatory patriarchy bullies females into submissive sex puppets of society that aren’t able to think for themselves. Females shave their legs, wear makeup, get paid less than men, are physically weaker than males, have smaller brains than males do, and have higher chances of depression and health problems than males do because life isn’t completely compassionate when it makes human females. Human females are physically weaker than other females from other species. And the human females are more emotionally vulnerable than other females from other species. Societies that are controlled by sexual predators groom females into submissive sex puppets that don’t think for themselves. This is why women’s intellectual capacities are hindered and it’s why history books don’t have a big list of female inventors, female leaders, female engineers, and females who do hardcore sports or hardcore video games. Women have less artistic freedom in the entertainment industry than men do. Because the entertainment industry has predatory contracts and toxic diets that sexually exploit young and naive artists who are females. The entertainment industry treats the young and naive artists like potentially broken toys. Formerly young entertainers such as Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, Macaulay Culkin, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Ice Cube, and JoJo got abusively exploited by the entertainment industry that is controlled by psychos, pedophiles, drug addicts, alcholics, racist people, and sexual predators. These psychos, pedophiles, drug addicts, alcoholics, racist people, and sexual predators have their army of lawyers, thugs, and bankers to financially, politically, and physically protect them. This is why the protective parents who are highly educated don’t want their children being involved in the entertainment industry because they don’t want their children getting exploited by a bunch of predators who don’t care about their well-being.

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Humans have the most diseases, wars, needless political systems, needless religions, needless money, greed, cruelty, sociopathy, psychopathy, racism, sexism, health problems, cancer, destruction on Earth, and other things that scientifically prove that humans are the biggest parasites than other species. Humans haven’t changed much. So, I’m not surprised the coronavirus is happening because humans have polluted their world so much that they’re causing their world to start killing them. Earth was more peaceful before humans came along and started destroying Earth with their monstrous technology, monstrous religions, monstrous greed, monstrous militaries, monstrous gender roles that make boys become emotionally suppressed monsters, monstrous drug cartels, monstrous rebels from hell that are doing more harm than compassion to the world, cigarettes that are causing lung cancer, the increase of obesity, monstrous sexism that makes females become subordinate degenerates that harm the environment with their beauty products, and so forth. It’s been scientifically proven that humans are getting worse.