Pretentious Language

For many prevention projects, they are very fond of using of using pretentious and dumbed-down language as if they’re talking to a dog, rather than an actual human being. It is no wonder they can never get anyone to attend their programs. They have an obsession with reminding someone this is involving a sexual attraction with children, something which they may forget if they don’t read it enough times.

This is also stigmatizing, because it isn’t just a sexual attraction, but a romantic attraction. This is the sort of nonsense most wannabe researchers get wrong and when they do it is extremely, extremely cringeworthy to anyone who isn’t suffering from manic disorder or hormone imbalance.

This isn’t too surprising when you realize many of these programs are run by child abuse victims who have a particularly strong emphasis on drilling “this is wrong” or “this is right” into someone’s head, but they clearly do not have the slightest iota of a clue about how people think. This is also evidenced when you deal with the legal system who have no sense of priorities and the New York Times who want molesters and rapists to roam free, but want to chase someone looking at an image (take a close look at what they put an emphasis on and twist and what they do not).

Part of the reason this happpens may be becuse the most likely people to get caught for a crime are people who are mentally handicapped in some form and they feel they have to talk to them like this. They may even suffer fom hormone imbalance, in which case the actual solution is to reduce the number of foreign pollutants in their body which stops their endocrine system from behaving normally, rather than trying to do some form of sick torture.

In today’s society, there is all manner of low quality processed food, which can disrupt the balance and otherwise prevent the body from reaching a normal equilibrium. Many real endocrine experts (including world leading ones) are aware of this, although psychiatrists (who are not real scientists) clearly are not.

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