"Prevention of harm" principle

This thread is for comments on the Prevention of harm principle that will form part of Prostasia Foundation’s draft Best Practice Principles for Sexual Content Moderation and Child Protection. Please consult that master thread for background information.

Here is the current text, to be used as a starting point:

Sexual content should be restricted where it causes direct harm to a child. Indirect harms should not be the basis for blanket content restriction policies unless those harms are substantiated by evidence, and adequate measures are taken to avoid human rights infringements.

Please post your comments and suggestions below.

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This is just something that stood out to me, but “human rights” as according to what? Depending on the context the principles are placed in, this could have many different meanings.
This question goes for the other principles that mention human rights as well.

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For those who work in this area I feel that the sources of human rights are fairly well established. They are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at an international level, and at a domestic level in the United States the Constitution is the more immediate source of human rights obligations in law. We should create a preface to these principles with a bibliography similar to the list of references in the background paper.