Probable Cause and Searches

Getting support can be a real chore especially when every innocuous word or language you use could be taken as “code” for doing something illegal which immediately makes everyone in the support community (which are dedicated to such issues) freak out and preemptively delete content.

This can make it hard to get support if you suffer from any sort of anxiety issue because all forms of anxiety must be because someone is doing something illegal. It would likely make it hard to get support if you’re doing something illegal too.

I contend this is due to law enforcement raiding support sites and using visible content as probable cause to acquire warrants against users. It may also be the case that a high degree of illegality could get the support community shutdown although this seems quite unlikely.

Law enforcement should not use information in support contexts as probable cause to acquire warants. This should be enshrined in statute. If not, it may be worth considering far more drastic measures to tackle this issue.

You also shouldn’t be raided just because someone learns you possess something legal. Like heaven forbid, fictional content, which has happened before in some places. This is also nonsense. Clearly law-abiding conduct should not be taken as probable cause for a search in any circumstance.

Law-abiding is considered loosely because it is complete nonsense to punish someone for thought crime. As much as the United Kingdom would like to pretend some people don’t exist and to hassle others, they do and they’re not going away no matter how much the Daily Mail screams.

I may go as far as to say that probable cause should be taken from sites which clearly exist for the purposes of illegal conduct. Rather than from tips from potential trolls (who may do this for the purposes of harassment and intimidation) or other problematic sources. If someone is shouting confessions in public everywhere they go, there is little sympathy on the other hand.

Frankly in an ideal world, I would like to focus on the distributors and the producers. They know they shouldn’t be doing what they’re what they’re doing. But they do it anyway and it isn’t as if they have any sexual impulses telling them to do it. They could easily satisfy their desires without doing this. The same applies to the “llvestreamers” who could easily satisfy themselves without going as far as to commission their own live movie and to direct it as they see fit.

There is a big distinction between someone doing something because they can’t help themselves and someone doing it because they want to or can. Or for the purposes of making money. Or for pure novelty. All of which may be possible to reduce with advanced technology. But only one of which is understandable.

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Well said. People tend to ignore specific applications and look towards overly vague idealizations.