Project Idea: "How Pornography and Fantasy Helps Me!"

A study from earlier this year about how users on VirPed’s forums use loli/shota and other forms of fantasy as coping mechanisms to remain offense-free got me thinking.

Wouldn’t be possible for @prostasia to consider accepting testimonials from users about how their use of fiction and fantasy material may help them cope with who they are and perhaps remain offense-free?

Just an idea. Maybe some verified testimonies from users would be encouraging. We shouldn’t forget the preventative nature of fantasy expression as a safe, legal, and healthy outlet, rather than the boogeyman antis and critics make it out to be.

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Link to study I was reading


How would you “verify” the testimonials since most MAPs wish to remain anonymous?

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I’m sure there could be ways. Really just tossing out some ideas to get some relevant and positive engagement from interested parties.

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Its a good idea I could write a collum about sexual sadism, and rape fantasies.

On the topic of security

(didnt mean to post this now its incomplete, whatever ill finish it in edit later)