Prostasia certification mark

We are developing a Prostasia Foundation certification seal based around our draft Best Practice Principles for Sexual Content Moderation and Child Protection. The basic seal illustrated here could be applied to products (such as sex toys), publications (such as doujinshi manga), websites (such as DD/lg themed camsites), forums (such as furry fandom chats), and venues and events (such as ageplay munches) that satisfy the basic criterion shown in the seal: “No children harmed”.
To be accepted as part of the program, organizations and businesses would have to satisfy a set of accreditation criteria, which would be developed collaboratively with us and with representatives of their community. So for example if we were to accredit an physical adult store we would have to be satisfied that minors were kept out of the store, that no pictures of real minors were used in-store or in promotional materials, that there were appropriate age warnings on the website, and so on… and these criteria would be developed in partnership with representatives of the retail adult industry.

The certification scheme will be self-supporting financially, through a sliding scale accreditation fee. We already have a launch partnership with a DD/lg themed online store, but we are looking for additional launch partners to help us develop the program criteria, before we announce the scheme officially. Please contact us at [email protected] if you know of any business that you think may be interested in becoming a Prostasia Foundation “No Children Harmed” launch partner.

Below are some earlier concept images for the accreditation scheme, when we were thinking of having different categories of seal for different categories of accreditation… our current thinking is just to simplify and use a single seal, but we are also interested in your feedback on this.


This seems like a great way for Prostasia to branch out into its niche in an organic way. I think it could be expanded beyond just the content guidelines, though. Considering for example uninformed kink can be a legitimate danger, this kind of partnership could also be about keeping the consumer/client/end user informed as well depending on the type of entity(though I think that’s sort of covered in your post a bit).
As for the look, I personally kind of like the greener two more, but that’s more to do with the forum background than anything. I’d agree with keeping it simple and to one seal(like the first one) but with a few variants designed to go against different background colors.


Version 0.1 of our “No Children Harmed” certification criteria has recently been completed and we are undergoing consultation on the text with our first few prospective industry partners. We are not ready to share a link here yet, but if you are interested in seeing the text, let us know and we can invite you to view and comment on the draft.

If you know an online or offline business that you think might be interested in using the certification seal, please also be in touch.


With 0.2 of the “No Children Harmed” certification criteria, we are opening up for broader public comments from forum members! You can find them here, and you can comment on them in this thread.

The “No Children Harmed” certification criteria are intended to provide writers, artists, stores, websites, event organizers and venues, and even manufacturers of sex dolls, with guidelines that they can use to demonstrate that they are not harming children.

For example, writers, artists, and manufacturers need to take care that they don’t use real children in creating any adult-only art. Websites need to make sure that they provide the means to shield explicit content from minors and others who don’t want to see it. And event organizers need to make sure that minors aren’t left alone with an adult, where their risk of being abused is higher.

We are currently reaching out to prospective members of the No Children Harmed certification program. If you would like to participate or know anyone who would you can refer them to the program website.