Prostasia Slogan Contest!

Hi all!

Prostasia’s program director, here with an opportunity to win prizes! We are running a slogan contest, submit a slogan and if you make it into the top three, you’ll receive prizes!

1st and second place will choose from three themed prize packs! 3rd place will get some fun Prostasia swag!

Prize pack 1 - Themed for those who are passionate about the subject of censorship. A book and movie, both of which are debated for their subject and themes, plus some other gifts will be included.

Prize pack 2 - Themed for littles or Bigs with littles, or anyone who enjoys these things, this pack involves fun things like a sippy cup and an Effie the Elephant stuffie. Other assorted gifts included as well!

Prize Pack 3 - Themed for Prostasia Stans, this package includes several pieces of Prostasia swag. Show off who you support with this fun package including stickers, a magnet, a mug, and more!

Slogans can be submitted to me @ [email protected] or you can DM Prostasia’s Twitter account with your entries!

Are you the same person as Maggie? Or am I just confused between the similar names you two have?

I am not Maggie, you may notice, the email address has my name, Meagan.

This is me: