Prostasia's Conflicts of Interest

Last year, Prostasia Foundation quietly received a donation from Google, primarily in the form of ads, this was quietly noted on the forum and never mentioned again. Shortly thereafter, Google announced plans for their web browser, Chrome, which would have broken a very important infrastructure for preventing individuals from accessing CP sites. Prostasia Foundation took the bizarre step of siding with Google (without mentioning them by name, only Mozilla / Firefox) and making an argument that it is a “brittle setup”. There are many civil rights arguments which could have been made in regards to privacy, but rather, Prostasia Foundation only appears to care about civil rights when it will align with the interests of their funders.

Prostasia Foundation appears to have transitioned from having an executive body primarily run by lawyers to having an executive body primarily run by child abuse victims. This is still hardly relevant to the tasks of child prevention, or protection, and can only be for the purposes of public relations. Someone of that nature is uniquely unsuited for guiding initiatives, as they will push for the most punitive measures, and have less concern for common civil liberties.

Prostasia Foundation’s stances shift depending on who they’re receiving money from on any particular week. Sometimes, they loudly make noise about how pro-contacts should be allowed on social media, sometimes they make the opposite argument. They can never make their minds up on important issues and are too dependent on the whims of outside parties to act as a functional group.

Firing staffers is simply a matter of whether a fringe media outlet is angry enough at you. One who I will add will never align with any of your ideals. This has been noted.

Prostasia Foundation, rather than for the purposes of child protection or “bringing sanity to the world of child protection”, appears to have been setup for the purpose of dispelling SESTA / FOSTA. The founder comes from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but bizarrely, there is nary a mention of this organization despite being a major civil rights organization, and it appears as if individuals bend over backwards to avoid mentioning it. Did you fall out with them?

The high number of child abuse victims on the executive body has had a number of negative effects. Instead of talking about fictional content, civil liberties, and kink, which Prostasia was marginally useful at, they instead decided to venture into all manner of controversial subjects which have thrown Prostasia into disrepute and sown divisions.

The reality is that most people could have supported Prostasia (and actually did), for one reason or another, but now pointless factionism is arising out of something which I will term prevention politics. This isn’t to say the board should not have child abuse victims to convey a viewpoint, but that it is now entirely dominated by it.

Controversial treatments, controversial figures, controversial ideas, which actually add zero value to the organization, and which sow division crop up. Nebulous arguments about pointless terms ensue. The further into the pot the hands go, the more the organization alienates it’s supporters. Even the whole destigmatization agenda, which is oddly crafted, has consumed a certain amount of attention, and fails to meet it’s goals.

Actual child protection sits on the backburner. Every single day, many children are emotionally abused, I have known of ones who are desperate for the system to help them, but who cannot be helped due to flaws in the CPS, or a general lack of evidence. Every single day, many children are neglected, this is even normalized to a certain degree. This even leads to some of the problems Prostasia ostensibly aims to prevent.

One form of abuse dominates on here. Sexual. But, the world is extremely complicated, and it is not the only form of abuse that proliferates, or which needs to be combatted to meet the aims of child protection. You have been captured by a special interest group.

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There is no conflict of interest…