Protective Factors for Non Offending Minor Attracted Persons Replication Survey

Hi all, My name is Matt Portner and I am a doctoral psychology student at Pacific
University, an Oregon LPC certified in the treatment of sexual behavior
problems, and a clinical member of ATSA. Along with my advisor, Leonardo
Bobadilla, PhD (also an ATSA member), we are exploring reasons why
adult individuals with sexual interest in pre-pubescent children choose not to
engage in sexual acts with children. You may recall participating in a similar survey last year. This is a replication and extension of that survey. Additionally, we have made some changes based on the feedback from last year. We greatly appreciate those who participated, messaged us, and offered suggestions for improvement.

This project has been approved by the Pacific University IRB. We have created an anonymous survey and collected a small amount of data; however, the traditional methods of survey dissemination have been less than successful. Research related website and forum moderators often do not approve of any content (including questions)
related to sexual acts with children and our survey is quickly removed. We are exploring alternative methods of survey dissemination including through organizations, such as yours, who support clinicians and researchers to further our goal of no more victims. If you are interested and able to assist, please feel free to contact me. I can provide any necessary information as well as we are open to dialogue further about this request. If it would be helpful, please click on this survey link or scan the QR code in order to preview the questions. Thank you for your consideration.

If you have and questions, please contact us

Matt Portner:
[email protected]

Leonardo Bobadilla, PhD:
(503) 352-2409
[email protected]

Survey Link:


I know B4U-ACT maintains a list of surveys in need of MAP respondents. You might want to consider sharing this with them if you haven’t already. MAP Support Club also has an email where you can reach out with research opportunities ([email protected])


Hi, and thank you so much for popping in!
I’m sure @terminus @prostasia wouldn’t mind having a look through it all.

@TNF_13 @EthanEdwards Pinging you guys since you’re both liasons for MAP communities, and maybe you’d be interested in having a look at this, if you hadn’t already taken one already.


Thank you for the response! I am currently in communication with the science director for B4UAct, and, hopefully, after their review, they will be able to distribute it further.

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I appreciate the response! Any sort of snowball sampling technique is very helpful, and I welcome communication if there are any questions or concerns.

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