Question about Society

If you only had two choices, which one of these would you select? A society where lolicons are seen as mere sad, pathetic, and weird nerds (as it used to be) who are ultimately inoffensive, or a society where liking anime is cool, but liking lolicon or anything similar is seen as creepy, disgusting, and immoral and a sign of danger?

It’s still the former, whether it seems like that or not. Most people genuinely aren’t bothered so long as real minors aren’t implicated and that they remain purely fictitious.

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When will it get to be neither, and instead a society where people can choose whatever coping mechanisms they want as long as they aren’t hurting people?

when people learn to think objectively and abandon the concept of ‘magical thinking’ altogether, and to get over being offended or squeamish over certain ideas or concepts.


But is all of magical thinking bad? What about spiritual beliefs or religion? These can bring people a sense of meaning to their lives and do not necessarily entail an aversion to fetishes or people screwing dolls.

Unfortunately our society believes the latter, about everything.

Your a man. You have a penis. Therefore you’re the problem. The pervert, the predator, the criminal, the suspect. This has been the way I’ve felt for a very long time.

You’re a woman. You get a free pass on just about everything.