Reality Syndrome needs a reality check on Prostasia

In August 2022, a YouTuber named Reality Syndrome made a series of videos in which he “exposes” Prostasia. He did so after having watched Shoe0nHead’s video on Prostasia, which was talked about in this thread:

Right now, RS has 42 subscribers, so he’s not well known, yet. He currently has 3 videos on Prostasia. Let’s take a look at them. I’ll just mention some of the more relevant parts. Any emphasis added is my own.

Please note that this post ended up being a lot longer than I had anticipated. It was too much for one post. Therefore, I split it into multiple posts. I apologize for the inconvenience.

His first video on Prostasia:

Prostasia And Their Sick Map Support Group; Parents Need To Know About This - YouTube

-At 0:31, RS says:

This [Prostasia Foundation] is a group that supports, and is made up of, people that call themselves “MAPs”, “Minor Attracted People”. People that are attracted to young children. They’re trying to redefine the word “pedophile”. I know a lot of people out there already know about this, but there’s some that don’t, and I know that some parents do watch my channel that don’t know about this, so I’m gonna try and get the word out to them so that they can spread the word to others as well.

Note: Yeah, get the word out. Prostasia needs volunteers!

-At 2:06, after going onto MAP Support Club’s page, RS says:

I don’t know about anyone else, but if they’re attracted to minors, they may be committed to never harming them, which is kind of doubtful. Just that attraction and the things that could lead to could definitely lead to harm if you ask me.

Note: RS says this after reading MSC’s main page, where they state that they support MAPs while also trying to prevent CSA. Needless to say, RS is not buying it. We’re about to find out why.

-At 2:45:

Let’s talk about the Prostasia Foundation, how they support the initiative to reduce Child Sexual Abuse. Well, good for them, but they’re supporting pedophiles, which… I don’t see how that’s going to work out really, but hey.

Note: There it is. The whole reason why he’s doing this. “We must stop the evil pedophiles from harming kids.” Somebody should tell him stigma doesn’t prevent abuse.

-At 3:01:

It says “experts believe that peer support for stigmatized populations is one of them”. Yeah, peer support, that’s great and everything, but you’re just giving pedophiles a chance to meet up with other pedophiles and “talk shop” basically. Says “the average age in which Minor Attracted People discover their attractions is 14 years old”. So, at 14, you’re attracted to minors as long as they’re not like under 13 or so, you know. Maybe 12, but that’s still pushing it. You know, if you’re 14 going out with another 14 year old, that’s natural, that’s normal. So, you know, that’s not really being a Minor Attracted Person, that’s just being attracted to people your own age and your own age group.

Note: Wow, he can read! That’s awesome! Too bad he fails to understand why MSC exists and what a MAP actually is.

-At 3:54:

Goes on to talk about how Prostasia is “the official child protection organization partner for MAP Support Club and is their legal point of contact”. Now, Prostasia is a 501c3 charity in California, but they are not registered as a child protection organization with the government, or with anyone for that matter, so… The only one that calls them a “child protection organization” is themselves.

Note: I’m just gonna link this here:

-At 4:27:

It says here “MAP Support Club runs its own staff. Already, Prostasia has helped MSC develop the technology to scan their chat for illegal images of children”. Well, that’s great, at least, you know, they’re doing that. Talks more here about how they’re supporting their members and if you’re not a MAP, you can help out. And if you see here, they got their little fundraiser going on. Raised five thousand dollars of a ten thousand dollar goal. Oh, I don’t understand that, but people will give money to anything, I guess, to get a tax break. I imagine that’s what it is at least.

-At 5:10:

Also, as you can see here, they got words that are tags that are frequently used. They’re “popular tags”, such as “Child Pornography”, “Child Sexual Abuse”, “consensual kink with children” and just all kinds of sick stuff like that I see. “Pedophilia”, “Pornography”, all this having to do with children and all kinds of other sex-based stuff with children! That’s… Kind of sick if you ask me. I mean, I don’t know what anyone else out there thinks, but yeah, that’s kinda disgusting.

Note: Maybe if he actually read some of the articles that are linked with those tags, he would understand better Prostasia and MSC’s goals. But then, that would expose his ignorance.

-At 5:56:

Now, here we are at the actual MAP Support Club. Now, this says: “MAP Support Club is a community for Minor Attracted People who are fundamentally against child sexual abuse and committed to never harm children. It is intended as a community where MAPs can connect with one another, offer and receive support in difficult times and overall just enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where one can have fun and not be judged.” Basically, pedophiles meeting with other pedophiles to “talk shop”. That’s… Sick and disgusting in my opinion. But… That’s just how I feel about it. Let me know if you agree down in the comments below.

Note: “Pedophiles are sick and disgusting… In my opinion. Lemme know what y’all think. Just so you know, if you disagree, you might be a pedophile.”

-At 6:45:

Now, we got our “community rules” for this organization. “You must be committed to never engaging in sexual activity with a child. You must be at least 13 years old to join this chat.” So, that means they’re letting 13 year old children in this chat with people that admit that they’re attracted to minor children, also known as “pedophiles”. So, not only are they “talking shop”, they’re providing 13 year old for them to possibly… Talk to and groom or whatever. That’s just… [Groans] I just don’t understand that.

Note: Remember when RS read earlier that “the average age in which MAPs discover their attractions is 14 years old”? He didn’t understand that, but here, he actually admits it. So really, this video (and the others) is just him being ignorant, not that it wasn’t obvious.

-At 7:37:

And “no admissions of unadjudicated illegal activities are allowed”. So, well, that’s a rule… Why? Because… That means people in this chat have done illegal activities and they just don’t want them talking about it so that they don’t get in trouble. But, they know that there’s people in there that have abused children.

Note: Jumping to conclusions… Nice.

-At 8:01:

It says “no talk about lowering Age of Consent (AoC), whatever it is where you live”. Now, you’ll see here in a little bit, they may not be talking about that, I’ve got a screenshot from that chatroom from someone. But, yeah, they definitely like them young.

Note: I can’t wait for that epic screenshot that will definitely expose MSC once and for all!

-At 8:22:

Says “no talk about adult-child sex being fundamentally OK (How is that fundamentally OK?) and only harmful due to societal attitudes and reactions to its discovery, nor discussions of the topic. There are other places on the Internet to have these discussions. This is not one of them.” Yeah, dark web maybe is a place for that, but not on the regular Internet, where children can actually see this crap and be influenced by it. That’s… I don’t know, it’s just sick and wrong if you ask me.

Note: Oh hey, he actually made a good po- Wait, what do you mean he’s talking about MSC?

Also, he basically says “Pedophiles are sick and disgusting… In my opinion.” Again. Don’t expect him to stop saying that.

-At 9:02:

Says here “no avatar images of real children are permitted. Avatars of drawings of children will only be permitted if they are not realistic nor sexually suggestive. It must be obvious that it is a drawing (i.e. cartoon/anime). This will be to the discretion of the Moderator team, and you will be asked to change your avatar to comply with this rule.” So… You won’t be asked to leave or anything. Just have to change your avatar, then you can keep on talking to little kids and everything. Makes perfect sense.

Note: Oh yeah, looks like I’m in the clear!

-At 9:39:

Says “no offensive or sexually suggestive usernames, and no names of real child celebrities. You will be asked to change your username to comply with this rule. No quoting anyone outside the community without permission from the person being quoted.” Okay… Well, whatever. Guess they don’t want to quote other pedos or anything like that. Don’t see why they even want to deal with this stuff, but hey.

Note: Oh noes! I’m quoting someone outside the community without their permission!

I went onto the MSC main page and saw that the quote rule has since been changed. Here’s what it says now:

Do not post screenshots or quotes of MSC outside MSC without the permission of everyone involved.

To me, that makes a lot more sense. I’m guessing it’s for privacy reasons. But, would it make sense to RS? Probably not.

-At 10:12:

“No disclosing personal information about a member trusted to you in confidence with other members, or to the outside public. This can be grounds for permanent banning.” So, doxxing can get you banned, but all this other stuff that could possibly harm children? Nah, it’s okay. Just make a little change, everything will be all right. Just don’t dox anyone.

Note: “Doxxing? Bad. Sexually abusing children? Good, but let’s say it’s bad and cover it up.” That’s probably how he thinks MSC functions in his mind.

-At 10:39:

“No sexually explicit or arousing descriptions. No images or videos of children if they would be arousing to an average pedophile (shirtless, swimsuit, underwear).” So… That means most likely that people have posted images like that before… But… So, they had to make that rule and it’s something that probably happened in the past and probably continues to happen and they probably just get told off: just take that down, it’s okay.

Note: “Probably happened”… Okay, it might’ve, but how do you know that the people running the site didn’t already have it as a rule? Are you assuming that they came up with the rule after it (supposedly) happened? Probably.

-At 11:19:

“No images or videos of children for the sake of sharing “cute” or “hot” kids (There’s no such thing as a “hot” kid, what the hell?). If relevant to an ongoing discussion, an occasional image will be allowed as long as it doesn’t violate rule #11.” So, if you’re talking about what you consider “hot” kids… You can post what you consider to be… An attractive child? Because, it’s part of the discussion? How the hell does that make any sense? What… Oh…

Note: Oh no, I think it might be overloading his brain! It’s too much for him!

If only he hadn’t stayed ignorant.

-At 11:59:

“No child nudity and/or pornography, no child erotica, virtual child porn or any other talk about how or where to access such materials, or requests for such materials, even if (il)legal in your jurisdiction. Treat others with respect if you disagree with your opinions, no personal attacks and no flaming.” Oh, I don’t know, how about, uh… No, uh… Hurting CHILDREN! No talking about how you want to hurt children or how you are attracted to children or anything like that. You know, that seems like a much better idea to me. But, you know, I guess I’m just weird or something. But, uh, anyway those are the nice little rules to their little chat group.

Note: FYI, the rule clearly says “even if legal in your jurisdiction”, but for some reason, RS says “illegal”.

Also, who at MSC (or even at Prostasia for that matter) is suggesting hurting children? Even then, I’m pretty sure those who would want to hurt children probably wouldn’t even care for other people in general. In other words, RS is confusing pedophilia with sociopathy!

-At 12:51:

Now, I did make up a Burner account and was going to try to join this chat group, but, uh… They quiz… You gotta go through like tests and quizzes and all kinds of stuff before you’re allowed into the chat room. Those are tests I did not want to take and knew I could not pass and so I’ll leave that up to someone else to try to get into that chat group. And, uh, get information out of it.

Note: Wow, so not only does he fail to actually join MSC (to “expose” them), he leaves the “dirty” job for someone else! That’s kinda lazy if you ask me.

-At 13:18:

Like I said, I’ve got a screenshot here in a minute from it to show everyone. But, uh, yeah. They’re going through an awful lot of measures to protect that chat room, so it makes it seem like there’s a little more going on there than, uh, what they’re letting on about. But, uh, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Note: It’s just his opinion… He could be wrong… Okay, enough of the suspense, where’s that screenshot you promised?

-At 13:41:

And as you can see here, I’m highlighting rule #11 again, because “no images or videos of children if they would be arousing to an average pedophile.” And then, rule #12: “No images or videos of children for the sake of sharing “cute” or “hot” kids. If relevant to an ongoing discussion, an occasional image will be allowed as long as it doesn’t violate rule #11.” Oh, so wonderful… They’ll allow it, as long as it’s relevant to a discussion.

Now, as you see here, this is a Tweet from Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins. She was a writer on Prostasia, she has published books. Uh, you can get them on… You can see them on Amazon. And one of them is a… Book for MAPs! It is called “Past the Dark Field: The Teen Stories”. It says “this book contains five age-appropriate stories about adolescent anti-contact non-offending Minor Attracted Persons”. So, literally, this person has wrote a book about people attracted to children. Like, that’s a bit weird, but, uh… What’s weirder here is this Tweet. And as you can see it says [Reads the Tweet]. Now, I didn’t know what a lot of these words meant when I saw them. “Pedophile”, yeah, knew what it meant. I, unfortunately, looked these words up and kind of wish I wouldn’t have… A “nepiophile” is someone that’s attracted to babies. Literal babies. Um… “Hebephile”, I think that’s a prepubescent or, uh, right at puberty, and… “Ephebophiles”, if I remember correctly, is like up to 17 years old or so. But still. Nepiophiles, that’s people literally attracted to babies, to infants. That’s just sick, I just can’t believe that.

Note: “Nepiophiles, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles are sick and disgusting… In my opinion.”

-At 16:16:

Here is that screenshot from that chat. And, uh, one guy here asked someone “what’s your aoa?”, which… Didn’t know what that meant, but apparently, that meant “age of attraction”. The other person said “little boys are perfect. Age 1 to 7.” Another guy says “Good age”. I guess his, uh, is 1 to 10. And says “as long as it’s before puberty”. So, yeah, more sick stuff. And that’s what they talk about in that chat with kids that are as young as 13 years old. But, probably younger than 13 years old. Who knows, there might be kids in there, 8, 9, 10 years old. There’s no way that they could tell or no.

Note: Finally, the screenshot that we’ve been waiting for!

The big question is… Does RS know that there are people like me who are attracted to minors AND adults?

-At 17:07:

And, as you can see here, you can support Prostasia Foundation with Amazon Smile. So, you can literally go on Amazon, and give money, and help pedophiles. That’s… How in the hell is that even legal or right, that makes no frickin sense whatsoever. I don’t understand that at all. But, uh, like I said, this is going to be a series of videos. There’s a lot more stuff that I’ve found and definitely want to talk about. I know YouTube’s not going to be happy about me talking about this stuff, but people need to know about it, so I’m going to get it out there if I possibly can. I’m a small channel anyway. Don’t get the most views in the world anyway, so, it’s not like it’s going to hurt my views, so, I don’t really care. I’m going to do it anyway.

Note: “Donating to Prostasia? Bad. Why? Because they support MAPs! I’m gonna expose them and YouTube can’t do much to me since I’m a small channel. I’m only willing to do this because I care about children. Pedophiles don’t have rights, they are a threat to children, so they must pay!”


His second video:

In Response To My Last Video On Prostasia Chat Room and How Bad This Could Be For Children! - YouTube

-At 0:17:

Now, my last video was about MAPs and their sick support group. This is the thumbnail to that video right here. Prostasia Foundation.

As you see, I put “Hide your children!” because, yeah, you definitely should. But, uh, Prostasia Foundation, a tax exempt child protection organization that isn’t recognized by anyone as a child protection organization except for themselves. [Reads the notes on the image, as if he were doing a presentation in front of a class] Now, I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but to me, that definitely does not seem like a good idea. Now, my last video on that support group mainly focused on the chat room and how they let 13 year old children join that chat with self-identified pedophiles. Like it or not, Minor Attracted People are pedophiles. That is the definition of a pedophile, is someone who is attracted to minors. It’s when you act upon it that you become a molester, a criminal, an abuser. But still, regardless, you’re putting those children, who are supposed to be 13 years old, but a 10 year old can say they were 13 and you’re not gonna know, no one’s gonna know. So, it could be 10 year old kids, 11, 12, 13, who knows. Regardless, that’s leading the lambs to slaughter. That’s putting the prey in the cage with the predators. That is tempting those people who are, supposedly, seeking help by putting children in there with them for them to have easy access to. That is not a good idea. If you think it is, there’s something wrong with you and you need to seek help. Because, in no way is it a good idea to put children in a chat room with people who identify as people who are attracted to minors and underaged children.

Note: Wow, okay, let’s see what we got here.

  1. “Hide your children!” From MAPs I assume? If we were in the 1920s or 1930s, it would be the jews. Or the communists in the 1950s. Or the homosexuals in the 1980s. Or the…

  2. “Minor Attracted People” is an umbrella term. Yes, pedophiles are MAPs, but not all MAPs are pedophiles… Unless you think anyone who is attracted to minors is a pedophile, like RS.

  3. What is it with this guy suggesting that there might be minors under 13 in MSC? Look, I get that it might be a possibility, but… Facebook has a way bigger problem, especially when it comes to CSAM. I don’t see RS calling them out.

  4. Pedophiles are not ticking time bombs. If a person loses control of themselves, that’s not due to their sexual attraction(s). Also, ever heard of the gay panic defense? Now, imagine that, but with pedophilia. Yeah, I know the DSM has “Pedophilic Disorder”, but the point that I’m trying to make is that most MAPs don’t offend against minors.

  5. “You need to seek help.” Wow, thanks, so helpful. Let me call a therapist that might judge me for my attractions and look down upon me. If only there was a support club for MAPs that people with those attractions could join where they wouldn’t have to fear about being stigmatized… Oh wait!

-At 2:40:

As I showed in a screenshot in my last video, one person in that chat room said their age of attraction was 1 to 7 year old boys. 1 year olds. How the hell could you be attracted to a 1 year old, how is that even possible? I mean… What… That’s just… I don’t care what anyone says, that’s sick. And people talking about it’s virtue signalling or whatever. Well, maybe you should know a little bit about the person making the video before you go making such claims. I personally happen to, uh, have someone very close to me in my life that was affected by this, personally. And I also have a very close personal friend that I have known for decades who, at 8 years old, he was also molested. And he was molested by his own father. And, he’s still not right to this day and still has problems. And this little girl that I knew that was affected by this, she has her issues as well. And she should have never gone through this. And I know other people that have had to. And it’s wrong, none of them should ever have to go through this. It’s ridiculous that they do and that adults would do this to little children is sick and it is wrong. I don’t care what the Romans and the Greeks did thousands of years ago. I don’t care what the… Chimpanzees, bonobos, or anything any other animals do in the animal kingdom, humans are supposed to have evolved beyond the great apes. We’re supposed to have a higher intellect, we’re supposed to have evolved to a better level of thinking and reasoning and understanding. So, we should be able to reason and understand and comprehend that doing that to children is wrong. It ruins them. It tarnishes them for life. It gives them issues they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. It’s not right to them. It’s not right to their families. It’s not right to anyone. That just totally is… Sick, if you ask me and I don’t care if anyone likes my opinion on this or not, that’s their problem. But, to say it’s virtue signalling, or anything like that, or that “oh, don’t look at me, look at the other guys”. Yeah, know what you’re talking about before you speak stupid shit and, yes, I cursed, I usually don’t do that in my videos, but that’s what it is is stupid shit.

Note: Let’s see what we got here.

  1. Appeal to emotion.

  2. Humans did evolve, but we are still technically animals.

  3. Pedophilia does not equal sociopathy. Doofus.

  4. “Know what you’re talking about before you speak stupid shit.” Yeah, I agree. You first.

  5. “Yes, I cursed, I usually don’t do that in my videos.” Wow, I can’t believe RS cursed in a video! Time to unsubscribe!

-At 5:22:

People like that don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re just trying to justify this behavior. And, hey, it’s all well and good. Try to justify it all you want, doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it moral, doesn’t make it good and it doesn’t make it helpful. If these people really do want help, they need to seek help with professionals. They don’t need to seek help in a chat room with little children. That’s not seeking help, that’s seeking victims. If you can’t see that, you are, in my opinion, an idiot. Sorry to say it that way, but it’s the truth. Like it or not, if you think it’s okay to put little young children in a chat room with adults who are attracted to children… If you think that’s a good idea and that that’s safe, then YOU are part of the problem. Put those people who are, as you say “Minor Attracted People”, in support groups with other Minor Attracted People that have no ties to actual children. Don’t let children get anywhere near them. All you’re doing is tempting them and making things easier for them. They can get help, they can go beyond that, they can, basically, maybe not get cured, but learn how to control it and fight it and not give in to those temptations and urges. But, if you’re putting those temptations, temptations and urges right in front of them, all the time, then, that’s just encouraging the behavior. That’s not helping with it, no way that’s helping with it.

Note: Let’s see what we got here.

  1. “Don’t justify this behavior.” Abusing children? In MSC? Really? A chat group that absolutely does not want that to happen?

  2. “Seek help.” There it is again. Moving on.

  3. “Don’t put children in a chat room with pedos. Put those pedos in a chat room with no kids.” Oh, so like MSC?

  4. Oh wow, he acknowledges that pedophilia can’t be cured and makes good points about controlling temptations and urges. Too bad that gets thrown out the window when you realize he’s talking about anti-c NOMAPs on MSC.

-At 7:07:

As well as child sex dolls. That’s not helping with it either, because that’s just encouraging the behavior. Lowering the age of consent, that’s just encouraging the behavior. Everything like that is just encouraging the behavior. Trying to justify what animals do in the animal kingdom, that is trying to justify said behavior. Like it or not, it is. And there is no justification for it. Like it or not, in this country, the United States, it is ILLEGAL. That is the law, that is the way it is. Granted, I know other countries in the world have a lower age of consent, but the US doesn’t. And, just because other countries have lower ages of consent, doesn’t make it right either. No adult should be able to… Get with a 13 year old child. Because a 13 year old child has no idea what they want. Think back to when you were 13. Did you really know what you wanted, exactly what you wanted? Were you sure about every decision that you made? Was every decision that you made the right decision? Was it a good decision? And, you know, it most likely wasn’t, because I knew when I was 13 and everybody else that I knew of when they were 13, they made some pretty stupid decisions. That’s what 13 year olds do. And, but, you’re expecting them to be able to make a decision like this? No, that’s not happening. They’re not old enough. And science knows that our prefrontal cortex doesn’t even fully develop until we’re 25 to 26 years old. So… 13, at half the age our brain is fully developed, is way too young to be making such a decision as that. That’s just my opinion, you can think I’m wrong if you want, I really don’t care. But, to me, they should not be allowed to consent to anything like that. And any adult going after someone like that is a sick twisted individual. My opinion, don’t care if you like it or not. You can try to justify it, you can throw all the studies you want out, it doesn’t matter, there have been studies done on all kinds of stuff and that doesn’t make it… Make it right. That doesn’t make it moral. And, that doesn’t make it something that should be done. It’s just a study.

Note: Wow, okay, let’s go.

  1. “Child sex dolls encourage the behavior.” Any source to back this up? I didn’t think so.

  2. At this point, RS is confusing anti-c MAPs with pro-c MAPs. Not that it wasn’t obvious before this, I’m just saying.

  3. Obviously, having sex with a 13 year old is illegal in the US and in many other countries. Who’s questioning this?

  4. Everybody makes stupid or wrong decisions at some point in their life, even I have, it’s not just teens. Yeah, I know that this is about sex, but come on.

  5. “And science knows that our prefrontal cortex doesn’t even fully develop until we’re 25 to 26 years old.” As it turns out, this is a scientific myth. Didn’t bother doing any research, did you?

  6. “It’s just a study.” Okay… So, what you’re saying is, this is all about what YOU think, isn’t it?

  7. “That’s just my opinion…” Of course it is. If it weren’t for all the MAP stuff, you would probably be supportive of Prostasia and MSC. Doofus.

-At 9:34:

But, people take things and they run with it and try to defend stupidity a lot of times. A lot of people love to defend stupidity. They make a career out of it in fact. Look at Alex Jones, I mean, he has. There’s all kinds of other people that have too. They just make their career out of defending dumb stupid stuff. And, they make a lot of money off of it, unfortunately. Because, there’s a lot of people out there that believe dumb stupid stuff, unfortunately. It doesn’t help when you’ve got the media and the news. It’s… Always… Spreading lies and each side telling different stories and got people fighting back and forth, rather than actually spreading the truth and spreading actual facts. And the fact is… That things like THIS, it does real harm to children.

Note: Let’s what we got here.

  1. “A lot of people love to defend stupidity.” Oh, the irony.

  2. Yeah, Alex Jones is pretty insane. But, just because you don’t believe in alt-right conspiracies, you’re not exactly better, especially when it comes to Prostasia and MSC.

  3. “Spreading lies…” More irony. How lovely.

  4. “And the fact is…” That this series of videos is nothing but your opinion, we know.

-At 10:32:

Children have taken their lives because of this. Children have hurt themselves, they have hurt others because of being abused and molested. It has ruined their children’s entire lives, even into adulthood, like literally their entire life, from the time that they were a child to the time they die, maybe 60, 70 years later. It’s ruined their entire lives because they have had to deal with depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, all kinds of personality disorders and everything else. And… That is all because some adult took advantage of that young, precious child. Which is wrong, no matter what you think, and you cannot justify it, no matter what. At least, not to me. You may be able to justify it to yourself, and you may be able to justify it to people like yourself. But, to me, or anyone like me, you will never be able to justify it. There is no way whatsoever that you will. You can say what you want, you can do what you want, but it’s not going to make it right, it’s not going to make it justifiable and it’s not going to make it make sense. Regardless of what study you threw out there or what facts you say about the animal kingdom or how you feel about the matter or… What innuendos you sling or anything such as that. It… Really doesn’t matter.

Note: Obviously abusing children is harmful to them. But, the whole reason why RS is mentioning this is because he’s confusing NOMAPs with MAPs who actually have abused children.

-At 11:59:

Not gonna change my opinion, not gonna change anyone’s opinion like myself, any parent or any adult who knows a child who has been through this, especially if it’s a child who’s been close to them… They’re not gonna support this. They’re especially not gonna support a chat room for kids to go into and talk to predators. That… That’s just ridiculous. That’s like Chris Hansen doing his, uh, To Catch a Predator thing. If when they showed up, instead of the actress of age actress being there and Chris Hansen and the TV crew, it was a porn director and an actual underage child. That’s… Literally what that is like. I mean, it makes no sense how you would think that that’s a good idea to put those little kids in the chat room with people like that.

Note: Here, RS is comparing Map Support Club to… To Catch a Predator!? But, instead of Chris Hansen, it’s with a child predator!? WHAT!?

-At 12:55:

Yeah, and as I said, let them get help, I’m all for them getting help and they should get help. Anyone with mental health issues should seek out the help they need, and they should be allowed to get the help that they need. This country has gone far too long putting mental health on the back burner and it needs to become a priority. As a country, it does. And it definitely needs to become a priority in things such as… People that are pedophiles attracted to children, because maybe it can stop some of this from happening. Maybe it can stop some of them from turning into actual molesters. That would be a great thing if that happened. That would save a lot of children’s lives, it would keep a lot of kids’ lives from being ruined. It would also keep a lot of adults from ruining their lives, because when they do that, and they get caught, it’s not like they get an “atta-boy” or anything like that. It ruins their life as well. They go to prison, they get labelled as a sex offender, no one wants to do with them anymore, they have a hard time finding employment, or anywhere to live, or anything whatsoever. So, in no way is anything like that a good idea. Keep the children separate from those people. MAPs, pedophiles, whatever you want to call them I do not care, they don’t need to have easy, free access to children. Just go on their little website, go on their little chat room, and go talk to kids if they want. That. Is. Not. Right. And, if you think it is, you need to go seek out help. And, I don’t even know if there’s enough help for you if you think that’s right. Regardless, get real, get a life, quit talking stupid stuff, and know about the person you’re trying to swing innuendos at before you, uh, actually sling them at them. Because… Just because you think it’s virtue signalling, doesn’t actually mean it is. Some people have personally been affected by this, personally. In fact, a lot of people have. And, a lot of people have very strong feelings on this, because they have been personally affected by this personally.

Note: Oh wow, here we go again!

  1. “Seek help.” Thanks for that. Again. Move along.

  2. Yeah, therapy would be good for people with mental health issues. The main reason why a lot of MAPs don’t seek help? Stigma, fear of getting ostracized… People like you aren’t helping things when you’re confusing NOMAPs at MSC with actual child abusers.

  3. “Keep the children separate from those people.” You might as well have said “Think of the children!”

  4. “Regardless, get real, get a life, quit talking stupid stuff…” There’s some more irony!

  5. “Just because you think it’s virtue signalling, doesn’t actually mean it is.” Oh, really? Here’s the definition of “virtue signalling” from Oxford Languages:

The public expression of opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or social conscience or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.

And here’s their example:

“It’s noticeable how often virtue signalling consists of saying you hate things.”

In other words, you are virtue signalling.

  1. Yes, a lot of people have very strong feelings about children being abused, like you, hence why you made these videos in the first place.

His third video:

Prostasia and MAP’s Pt 3 ; Prostasia Is 50ft From An Elementary School - YouTube

-At 0:15:

We’ll be taking another look at Prostasia Foundation today, but more in general, just MAPs themselves.

As you can see, this Tweet here by Noah Berlatsky, an author over at Prostasia Foundation. Says [Reads the Tweet].

Note: Okay, so what does Noah Berlatsky have to do with this? I honestly don’t know much about him. Didn’t he used to do volunteer work for Prostasia? Is he even still associated with Prostasia? I don’t have enough info on that. Not that RS has any more than I do.

-At 0:32:

Now, this is the publicly available address for Prostasia Foundation.

Now, you can type this into Google Maps yourself and see where it’s located. But, uh, as you can see here, this is a street view of where it’s located at.

And, if you look there, it’s located directly across the street from an elementary school…

… Literally 50 foot [sic.] away from an elementary school. Seems a little weird and a little convenient if you ask me.

Note: Prostasia Foundation is located… 50 feet away from an elementary school!? OH NOES, WE MUST THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Also, I like how he uses Google Maps to find MAPs. If you look at the top of the screenshots, one of the search tags says “Attractions”. I find that a bit funny.

-At 1:04:

California-based charity Prostasia… while marketing itself as a children’s rights organization is a veritable grab-bag of causes surrounding sex and sexuality, but there is plenty of evidence to demonstrate that the real story is not so simple… in Prostasia’s blog entries, “child protection” routinely ends up in the same sentences as “free speech”, “kink”, or “sex positivity”… and often with no barrier between child sexuality and child sexual abuse.” Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t see what protecting children has to do with kink or sex positivity. Or child sexuality. Or child sexual abuse. Or child sex dolls. Or sex workers. Or anything like that. That just seems like they’re… Trying to put children into categories they don’t belong into. And, they’re talking about children in ways that they shouldn’t be talking about them. Because, children don’t need to be talked about in a kinky way or a sex positive way. Or their sexuality does not need to be discussed. Or anything like that. The only thing that that’s gonna be doing is just making it seem normal to these people and make it seem okay to them to go out and, uh, maybe… Commit harm to a child. And, that’s definitely not good. Regardless, though, that definitely doesn’t seem like child protection to me.

Note: Let’s see what we got here.

  1. After searching on Google, the text shown on screen (and the Berlatsky Tweet shown) were taken from here: Prostasia's Goal is to Normalize Pedophilia

  2. What do stuff like kink or sex positivity have to do with child protection you ask? Well, check these out:

  1. “Because, children don’t need to be talked about in a kinky way or a sex positive way.” Okay, but who’s doing this at Prostasia or MSC? Can you provide some sources and examples to back up your claims? Is that too much to ask?

  2. “The only thing that that’s gonna be doing is just making it seem normal to these people and make it seem okay to them to go out and, uh, maybe… Commit harm to a child.” Whatever you say. Oh, while we’re at it, check this out: Does stigmatizing pedophiles prevent abuse?

-At 2:40:

Now, this Tweet says [Reads the Tweet]. Now, “marginalized”, basically just means “insignificant”. They may be a small number of people, but, unfortunately, when they act upon those desires that they have, they don’t do an insignificant amount of damage and/or harm. They literally ruin children’s lives and they ruin them for life.

Note: Well, yeah, that’s why Prostasia and MSC exist. But, in your mind, they WANT children to be abused.

-At 3:21:

They cause all kinds of mental anguish and torture. Uh, all kinds of mental illness. Uh, things that children will have to deal with for the rest of their lives, such as, bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD and just all kinds of other mental illnesses as well. Not to mention, they actually cause some of these kids to end themselves from this. And, that’s not good. It just should not be normalized in my opinion.

Note: Oh, okay, so the idea that children shouldn’t be abused or shouldn’t have to suffer from mental illnesses is just… YOUR OPINION!?

So, what you’re saying is… You could be wrong?

No, see here you stupid pedophile, I said “in my opinion”. Therefore, you can’t criticize me for it because it’s my opinion. It’s subjective. It’s my point of view. If you want to abuse kids, you should be locked up.

This is a weak defence… In my opinion. We know that abusing kids is harmful to them, so why bother adding “in my opinion” to something that is a fact? Unless, of course, you’re not actually confident in what you’re saying… Or, you’re just plain wrong. In other words, you’re expressing your opinions on facts.

For more on “opinions”, see here:

-At 3:58:

Now, this Tweet here is, obviously, just from a… Parody account, but, uh… Says [Reads the Tweet]. I know Scotland, back in 2009, they did lower their age of consent to 16. Which is a little dangerous, because that means 40, 50, 60 year old people can go get with a 16 year old. And, that can do damage to that 16 year old, whether people like it or not. But, regardless, like I said, this is a parody account here. But, it does make a point that by lowering the age of consent and everything, that that will attract more people attracted to minors to maybe go to Scotland… And, try to live there… And, try to maybe lower the age of consent even further. Who knows. It could happen. But, uh, anyway, I just thought it was something interesting to include in here.

Note: This sounds like a slippery slope. Many countries have the age of consent more or less around 16. It’s not just Scotland. Canada, for example, has 16 as the age of consent.

This is all just your opinion though, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

-At 5:08:

The name “Enema Harpooner”. Yeah, that’s a… Kind of a funny name there, if you know what an enema is. Nothing wrong with a bit of parody though, if you ask me. But, regardless, this is definitely something that shouldn’t be normalized.

Now, this Tweet here says it’s from a doctor. Don’t know if he’s legitimate or not. His Twitter account right now is currently suspended, but, it says [Reads the Tweet]. Well, you’re going to get all kinds of attention posting things like that, wanted or unwanted. You just opened up Pandora’s box as they might say. People will be coming out of the woodwork to, uh, chat with you, let’s say. Probably why your account is now suspended. Now, I do know from looking online that you have definitely said some stuff that’s offended a lot of people, because people have replied to your Tweets, which no one can see because your account got suspended, saying: “Here’s some advice: Delete your account! How is this even allowed to have a voice online? Stop Tweeting!” Or, even better: “Stop living!” If this is a joke, it is in very poor taste. If it isn’t, the police should investigate you. So, obviously, this person said some pretty outlandish stuff, probably even worse than what this Tweet is.

Note: So, are you going to show all of those other Tweets that you’re talking about? No? We really just have to take your word for it? Okay… Moving on, I guess.

-At 6:45:

Now, this is the headline from an article written by Noah Berlatsky. He is a writer over at Prostasia Foundation. He’s wrote [sic.] for them. Did an interview with Alan Walker, the doctor who got fired from Old Dominion University for their statements on Minor Attracted People and their opinions and trying to normalize it, legitimize it. But, uh, anyway, as this says here that “child sex workers, the biggest danger to them, is the police.” First off, there’s no such thing as a “child sex worker”. A child sex slave, maybe. Or, a victim of sex trafficking or human trafficking. But, they’re not sex workers, they’re not out there doing that willingly. They’ve been forced to do it. And, their biggest threat, unfortunately, is most likely people ending them. Not to mention, the damage that is going to be done to them from being forced to be a child sex worker. And, all the things that they’re going to do just to survive and get by. And, it’s hard to tell the things that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. And, the things that they’ll have to deal with and go through. And, how much mental pain and suffering they’ll go through and what mental illnesses they might end up having or… What they might end up doing to themselves later on in life, because… Yeah, that’s definitely not a worker, it’s definitely not a good thing. It’s definitely something that shouldn’t be normalized. And, uh, definitely going to go over this article sometime. Just wanted to bring up the headline here today, because… I don’t see how anyone, Mr. Berlatsky or anyone else, could think that there’s child sex workers. That is a misnomer, that is absolutely incorrect. Like I said, uh, child sex slaves, uh, victims of human trafficking or human sex trafficking. But, definitely not workers. They’re not employed. And, most likely, they’re not doing this willingly. It’s a lot of kids, most likely, that have been kidnapped and forced into doing this. Or, kids from other countries who are extremely poor. And, just to have a life, are doing this. And, regardless, it’s gonna do damage to them. I mean, who knows, a lot of them could end up on drugs, and that in and of itself could end up ruining their lives. And… Also end up ending their lives, unfortunately, because, usually, people in that field, when they get hooked on drugs, it’s really bad drugs, and ones that can really harm you and do some serious damage. Then, you throw in on top of that all the mental problems that they’re going to end up having and everything. Like, these children’s lives, they have definitely been ruined. That… There’s no way around that.

Note: Say it with me now… “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Also, at this point, I really don’t care anymore. I just want the video to end.

-At 9:58:

Anyway, this Prostasia Foundation, who claims to be an organization for child protection, yet isn’t listed as a child protection organization anywhere. They are located right across from an elementary school. And, they have admitted pedophiles, working for them in the past, and now they just don’t want to know about your sexual history or anything like that. Or, your sexual preferences, in case you are a pedophile. So, most likely, there are pedophiles, working with the Prostasia Foundation, right across the street from an elementary school in San Francisco. That does not seem like a good idea, that does not seem safe. I wanted to point out that, I wanted to point out a few other things here today. Anyway, that’s the end of today’s video. Be getting you back with more here soon.

Note: Oh, good, it’s over. IT’S ABOUT TIME!



So, let’s review some of Reality Syndrome’s claims:

  1. People who are attracted to minors could eventually abuse children. The fact that these people are saying that they don’t want children to be harmed… I think it’s pretty suspicious. They need to seek help.

A frequent claim made by antis is that MAPs are essentially ticking time bombs and will eventually sexually abuse children if they do not seek help. But, why is it that it only applies to people who are sexually attracted to minors?

We already know that most MAPs don’t offend and a lot of people who do sexually abuse children aren’t even MAPs themselves. These people go after children because they’re vulnerable.

The DSM clearly differentiates between “pedophilia” and “pedophilic disorder”. See here: ICD-11 for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics

If this claim were true, why would it only apply to MAPs? Why wouldn’t people who are attracted to adults also be labeled as “potential rapists”? Well, duh, because “pedophilia is disgusting”, that’s why.

Whatever the case, RS is confusing anti-c MAPs with pro-c MAPs, something that he frequently does.

Pedophilia in and of itself can’t be the cause of child sexual abuse, because experts consider it to be a sexual orientation (at least, an age-based sexual orientation).

Do all straight men want to abuse women? No.

Do all gay men want to abuse other men? No.

Why would it be so for pedophilia? The logic that all pedophiles are “potential abusers” quickly falls apart when applied to other sexual orientations.

  1. Prostasia Foundation are only pretending to be a child protection organization. In reality, they are dangerous because they support pedophiles that want to abuse children.

You’re telling me that people who write articles like these would want children to be abused?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but… I don’t see what’s wrong about wanting to prevent child sexual abuse.

Well, you see, you’re just a stupid disgusting pedophile who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

So what if I’m a pedophile? I can’t do anything about my sexual attractions. What I can do is control my urges/temptations and, you know, move on with my life. I’m not at any more risk of harming children than you are.

Yes, I’ll admit, I do think about sex and nudity… A lot. But, there are safe, fictional outlets for that. My attractions are not limited to children (specifically girls), I’m attracted to adults (specifically women) as well.

Are you even aware that people can be attracted to kids AND adults?

Prostasia Foundation advocates for the rights of children, without infringing on human/civil rights and sex positivity. They are actively against child sexual abuse.

Of course, the idea that Prostasia is only pretending to be a child protection organization is… Your opinion. Actually, it’s not even that, you’re just factually wrong.

  1. The minimum age that you can join MAP Support Club is 13… So, not only are there pedophiles talking to 13 year olds in that chat room, but there could be kids 12 and under pretending to be older than they claim to be in there. Who knows, maybe those kids are getting groomed!

This claim is basically fear mongering. You don’t even know if there are kids under the age of 13 that have joined MSC, you’re just assuming that this is the case. Even if there were, don’t you think that the moderators would ban those kids if they admitted their age? Unless, of course, you think the mods would groom the kids as well!

The fact that you were unable to join MSC yourself makes me think that it is unlikely that there are little kids in the chat room. Even then, MSC was made specifically for MAPs and MAP allies, which you are neither. Maybe you should’ve studied for the test.

Believe it or not, I have come across this on… Discord. A few people that I’ve interacted with have claimed to be under the age of 13 (the minimum age required to join). If someone were to report them to Discord staff (with some evidence, such as screenshots), the underage user would have their account terminated. The big difference between Discord and MSC? On Discord, it’s really easy to create an account, all you need is an email address and a password. MSC seems to take more security measures than Discord, making it less likely that there are children under 13 that actually join them.

Also, there is a sheer amount of adult content on Discord. It doesn’t sound like there is much of that on MSC.

  1. MAP Support Club is bad. Pedophiles talking about their sexual fantasies with other pedophiles is sick and disgusting… In my opinion.

See my responses to claims #1 and #2.

  1. There are pedophiles in MAP Support Club that have abused children… But, MSC doesn’t want them to talk about it or admit it because they could get in trouble for it.

Yeah, it could be for legal reasons, as well as for privacy reasons. But, I don’t really know.

As for whether or not some MAPs in MSC have offended… Well, it IS a possibility. But, I believe that child sex offenders should be given a chance to get help and treatment that they need. However, they need to commit themselves to never harm children again.

Here’s what VirPed states regarding child sex offenders:

“We believe that people can change for the better. As a practical matter, we also want to help pedophiles avoid sexual contact with children in the future. So past offenders are welcome in our online support group. However, to be included, you must be truly committed to a child-celibate life. In addition, to repeat, there will be no consideration in our organization of a world that would allow adult-child sex.”

I’m willing to bet that MSC works in a similar matter.

  1. Nepiophiles are people who are attracted to babies… Literal babies! How the hell are there people attracted to babies!?

I don’t know, maybe for the same reason that I’m attracted to prepubescent girls? That is to say, we don’t choose who we are attracted to. There are people who are attracted to animals and others are attracted to inanimate objects. How is this a surprise to you?

  1. If we let pedophiles use child sex dolls, that will just encourage them to go on and commit sexual offenses against children!

I’m not so sure about that:

  1. Think of MAP Support Club as To Catch a Predator, but instead of Chris Hansen, it’s a child predator!

Is this even a good comparison? Absolutely not! But, let’s look more closely at what we’re dealing with here:

  • To Catch a Predator is a TV series that deals with some guy (Chris Hansen) telling some adults to impersonate as 13-15 year olds to lure MAPs in order to “catch” them in the act, on camera. Today, there are video clips of the series on YouTube that have gained millions of views.

  • MAP Support Club is a support group for MAPs in which they can chat with others like them and they can, potentially, get some help and support, if they want. Only MAPs and MAP allies may be able to join.

That’s not even close to being a good comparison.

  1. Prostasia HQ is located 50 feet away from an elementary school in San Francisco. There’s no way that can’t be a coincidence. They did this so that the MAPs who work for them can get easy access to children!

There are a few problems with this claim:

  • Did you ever consider the possibility that the proximity of the school may have not been considered an issue? Perhaps the school wasn’t even a factor in their consideration for when they were choosing a suitable location.

  • If we assume that there are MAPs doing volunteer work for Prostasia in San Francisco, then they would be anti-c MAPs. You know, people that are attracted to minors who are fundamentally against the sexual abuse of children.

  • If we’re talking about San Francisco, then wouldn’t earthquakes be more of a threat to those children than MAPs at Prostasia?

With all that being said, you’re just jumping to conclusions.

  1. The MAPs at Prostasia talk about children in a kinky and sex positive way. In other words, these people want to abuse children, no matter how much they may deny it… In my opinion.

See my responses to claims #1 and #2.

So, in conclusion, Reality Syndrome needs a reality check on Prostasia Foundation and MAP Support Club.


Somewhat related. I have literally reported Twitter accounts that claim to be under 13 and got them suspended.


I like how this guy CONTINUOUSLY says “children aren’t hot, children aren’t attractive, how can anybody be attracted to a 1yo?!” Shit, ever heard of “beauty’s in the eye of the beholder”? Believe it or not, attraction. Isn’t. Universal! Stop spouting your opinions like they’re facts…

Literally, the inability to see things from another person’s POV, to put yourself in their shoes. A lack of empathy!

Excellent write-up, @AgentColeBowl


And another thing, “in my opinion” is NOT a shield from criticism. Opinions can be incorrect. “In my opinion, the Earth is flat, the Moon is made of cheese, and the Holocaust is a myth!” See? Opinions can be very, VERY wrong. “In my opinion, Prostasia is secretly pro-csa and is really encouraging their users to look at csam and molest children!” What he calls “my opinion” I call a conspiracy theory.


Something that I probably should have mentioned previously on the thread is that I don’t speak for Prostasia Foundation or for MAP Support Club.

I don’t know how Prostasia works within or what’s going on. I don’t know really know much about MAP Support Club or how it works, mainly because I haven’t joined the chat group. I can only speak from my point of view, which is as an outsider.

I made these posts to give a response to Reality Syndrome’s videos on Prostasia and MSC and attempt to debunk some of his false claims, but I acknowledge that I should’ve been more clear that I don’t speak for either of them.

If anyone wants to add or correct something that I said, feel free to do so, if you want.