Recruiting research participants!

Dr. Bryan Neighbors, Associate Professor of Psychology at Southwestern University, is conducting research on self-identifying minor-attracted people (MAPs) to better understand their experiences. If you are at least 18 years old and believe yourself to be attracted to minors, please consider taking our brief (20-30 minute) and anonymous survey. The survey will include questions about negative experiences in childhood (including abuse) and how you: experience and feel about sexual attraction to minors, feel in intimate relationships, experience emotions, and describe yourself. This link will take you to a consent form with a more complete description of the project and then to the externally hosted survey.


Hi @MAPresearch and thank you so much for posting on the forum. It’s always refreshing to see academics stopping by to inquire among the community for participation in studies.

I do have a question, though.

Does the community have permission to share your Qualtrics link to other forums?
Or would you prefer the thread itself be linked?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

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Thanks for the Survey. I have some feedback on some of the questions. There a lot of MAP’s who consider the harm of adult-child relationshipts to be, because of the believes of society. It would make the questions about this topic more clear if you define the following more clearly: If we agree/disagree on the statements with society how it is right now or without.

It would help to get more accurate answers out of these questions and i think thats something that you value. Thank you.

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We welcome anyone to share the link or the thread! We’re trying to reach members of the MAP community and any help we can get in passing along this survey to them is very helpful.

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We appreciate your feedback! Unfortunately due to the regulations of the institutional review board we can’t make any more edits to the survey at this point. Although, this will be taken into consideration with any future research we do with this community.

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