[REDACTED] - seeking expressions of interest

[REDACTED] is a replicable storytelling and dialogue project that brings critical dialogue on social ideas about masculinity into public forums around the world - via men’s own voices and stories. In the [REDACTED], boys, men, and folks who identify in any way with maleness publicly share personal stories that aim to help transform social ideas about masculinity - so as to support health and equality for all people.

We are in the first phases of discussions with [REDACTED] about raising funds to run an official [REDACTED] dialog about child sexual abuse prevention. Storytellers could be anonymous, and it would be held online. They would receive training to develop a story that connects with other men—for example, it could be about how they can avoid offending or reoffending, or simply about standing up when they see a minor who is in a risky situation.

If you are interested in being considered to be a part of this project by telling your story and becoming a role model for men who promote abuse prevention, then please let us know and we will keep you informed as we develop this project further.

We were requested to censor this post due to targeted harassment of our proposed project partner, from a cowardly troll who learned of our interest in hosting a child sexual abuse prevention project based on that third party program. Although we abhor stigma-driven censorship and will not bow to it when it is used against us directly, we have agreed to redact the post to avoid further harassment of the independent third party concerned.

I did notice you being mentioned on a few anti-pedo sites.

They’re probably going antifa on you, so to speak. It’s a little silly to burn down every site they see though because that’ll just drive people to hellholes like 7axxn (that site was shutdown in the end apparently, thank god for that).

What is the name of it? It sounds interesting.

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What project is that?

People who are asking what project we are talking about… we can’t name it for the reason I gave! But never mind, we will still be running the project under a different name.

It seems quite enticing. A project built to clear innocent men of pedophilic assumption and arrest hidden monsters pretending to be virtuous? How riveting. It’s a shame that it had to be redacted, but I hope to be informed of future developments.

1 in 5 of abuse cases are committed by women and about half of the pedophiles I know are women.

Women manage to get away with it in a lot of cases. There was one that touched up lots of kids, got released by the police without getting charged due to her sex and she went on to have sex with one. She worked in a school and the media was largely sympathetic from what I could see. The parents were screaming to lock her away forever.

I also can’t tell if you’re a troll or just ignorant.

I understand that this problem extends beyond only men, but I was trying to bring light to the idea that certain kinds ofinnocent people are more likely to be accused of sexual deviance than other ones, not that they do not exist, though if it seemed I sounded that way, you can criticize me all you want, friend. I don’t think I’m a troll; I didn’t choose to pay 10$ a month and explore this forum in order to screw with people’s minds. What would I gain from that? I just like talking with people like yourself. I’m sorry if I come off as foolish, because in some cases, I can be very naive, scatterbrained and narrow minded. I ask these kinds of questions or make these statements because I want to start a thoughtful conversation, but also because I like learning, and have interest in making new friends. It is hard for me to make my intentions clear; sorry if I might seem stupid because I possibly am. Sorry for the rant. I just blather on when I get rattled.

You’re good, and we should all assume the best of people on this forum. We all have to deal with trolls elsewhere, but be assured that if anyone is trolling on this forum the moderators will deal with them. Thanks to everyone for your great contributions!