Regarding the Japanese gender equality ordinance targeting artwork mentioned here

It has been active since 2000, it just gets renewed every 5 years and someone finally decided to read it and stumble upon this section. The zoning is focused on the tokyo metro museum and it’s very much harmless

“I just heard from the person in charge. As it turns out, this is a revision every five years, and the wording is exactly the same as it was five years ago, so I don’t think the city is planning anything new.”

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I fucking hate western society and their christian view on everything sex related. I can’t wait to wear a chastity belt. Literally 57% of women have rape fantasies etc. However, everything sex related is too icky to talk about, so we need to go back to our true christian values!!!


America is weird.

Young boys can fire guns, join the army, learn to kill people; but seeing a female nipple? That’ll really fuck them up… apparently.


Don’t you need to be 18 to join the army?

17 from what I can gather.

Kids can still fire guns at ranges, though. Like that girl who accidentally killed the instructor…

To my knowledge, yes.

It’s a shame, really. While I don’t condone these activities, the fact that smoking and drinking require you to be 21, yet the minimum age for conscription or military service is 18 is laughable to the point where it’s pathetic.

It is a shame that this even has to be an issue in Japan. Japanese media is made for the Japanese. That is their audience. That is who makes it. If another country takes interest in their media, they should just suck it up and get over it, or learn to embrace other cultures. They might learn more than they’d thought about humanity, how fiction affects people, and just be better people.

The Japanese are under no obligation to conform to the prudish preferences and standards of foreigners, especially when the demands for such conformity are grounded on fearmongering, panic, anger, and disgust, rather than an interest in safety, and I hope they can remain true to that.

Japanese media has opened my eyes to a lot about humanity. I want that diversity to be preserved by any means necessary.
The last thing I want is Japanese media to be censored anymore than it already is, and certainly not by groups that are NOT Japanese.

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For me, assuming that there is supervision, that’s no different than archery or fencing at a summer camp, and please don’t humor me with “those are just sports”. All 3 are methods of killing. Guns are just the most effective. It’s like video games that feature swords and axes are squeamish about showing guns, despite the fact that a gunshot wound is a lot “cleaner” than a beheading.