Remember the Triple Kidnapping

The Triple Kidnapping refers to an episode of police harassment that occurred in the UK in 2017. The police did not charge this man with a crime, but they punished him anyway. The punishment consisted of home invasion, privacy invasion, theft, arrest, and property damage all perpetrated by police. This tragic story is an example of what can happen to people that own legal sex dolls when they live under anti-doll laws.

The first part of the story is here and shows pictures of the scene right after the police broke into this man’s house and stole his companion dolls.

The second part shows the damaged dolls when they were eventually returned 8 MONTHS later

The final part is a photo montage that depicts the three dolls in a fictitious therapy session with a grief counselor (also a doll)

Lacy Liberty Commentary

For many of us, privacy is one of our most valuable assets. We don’t want to get outed as a sex doll owner, and law enforcement knows this. This is why I constantly say that anti-doll laws are bad for all doll owners, no matter what your doll looks like. Vague and misguided laws can be used by police to search our homes and computers at will, as we have seen in the UK. Most of us stand to lose a lot after our privacy is blown, even if we’re never actually charged with a crime.

This article contains far too much information for a tweet. So on Twitter, I like to use the phrase “Remember the Triple Kidnapping!” as a rallying cry when referring to this event.


those dolls clearly depict adult women so what possble justifacation could they have.

It’s probably the Conservatives doing their usual thing. They are about as sex repressed as it gets and want to send everyone back to the “good old days” of cracking down on immorality.

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This is beyond horrifying. No amount of mischievousness can justify such an authoritative atrocity.

i believe that no country will allow this to happen