Republican Lauren Boebert exposed for committing lewd acts near children

TL;DR Boebert was caught on surveillance jerking off her boyfriend (while he groped her breasts) at a crowded theater where there were several children present.

Boebert and other GQPAnon MAGAts keep shouting from the rooftops about “evil Satanic pedophiles disguising themselves as ‘harmless LGBT’ to groom your kids”! Meanwhile, she literally performs sexual acts in the presence of children!

How many times is this gonna keep happenin’? Where the loudest accusers of grooming turn out to be massive perverts themselves!?

Pure projection!

Every. Accusation. Is. A. Confession.


It’s amazing to me about how the most judgmental and full of moralistic crap over everything are the most (ironically) imoral people according to their own fucking morals. Just look at this case man, i bet that if there was just a lgbtq+ couple kissing right there on this theater this woman (not only her, but other “conservatives”) would make a huge scandal about “wah wah, they are grooming our kids” but then there is, she literally did sexual acts in front of children that could be as young as 2yo, which is literally a crime. I also bet that she makes speechs about how left wing women are degenerates and bla-bla-bla but here it shows that the “puritan virgin conservative wife and respectful woman” can’t even hold her own sexual urges to do not do sexual acts on a space full of other people including children, she and her boyfriend are at this level of lack of sexual control. Ironic isn’t?


The funny thing that I forget to mention initially is that there’s been a recent “sex scandal” here in Virginia involving a Democrat:

To explain in my own words (to the best of my understanding; apologies if I’m inaccurate with some of these detail), VA Republican Glenn Youngkin’s team recently leaked some sex vids of a local Virginia Democrat politician, Susanna Gibson (40yo, mother of two). The vids are of her and her lawyer husband having sex on Chaturbate livestream for political donations. Camgirl stuff. I won’t describe the acts, but they do get rather… kinky.

Anyways, Dems are calling this out as a cheap tactic by Repubs to smear Gibson. At the same time, some Dems wanna throw Gibson under the bus, believing her now-exposed past is drawing too much controversy and is thus detrimental to the Democratic Party. Gibson herself went so far as to describe the digging up of her livestreams as “revenge porn” (the posting of which is considered a serious crime).

(I’m not too familiar with the laws surrounding revenge porn. I’ve heard conflicting information. Some day that these vids do NOT count as revenge porn because they were always publicly available, just not known to the public until recently. If these were private videos that got leaked, they’d count. But since they were public from the start…)

(On the other hand, I’ve seen some argue that they should count as revenge porn due to the malicious intent behind exposing these vids. Again, I’m not sure how a judge would see it.)

Repubs made a big stink about what a pervert Gibson is and then THIS Boebert thing gets exposed. At least Gibson kept it in her bedroom and didn’t involve children being present…!

(BTW, I love how Youngkin’s Virginia recently tried restricting porn (something I detailed here: Virginia age-verification law) yet now Youngkin’s cronies are specifically directing people to go look at Gibson’s vids to humiliate her. Hypocrites…)

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I think this is so wrong, people should be able to do what they want, when they want, in the privacy of their own home, without the world judging them. Of course, putting it on the internet can hardly be described as private. It’s still wrong to use this against them, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?

This is not the world we would like it to be, it is the world we have. When you enter into politics, you give up privacy. Everything you ever said, did, didn’t say or do will be investigated in gory detail. Every financial transaction, every relative you wish weren’t in your family. Back several generations if that’s what it takes for your enemy to find dirt. Gone are days that the press would keep peccadillos quiet as a courtesy. You can thank Nixon for that. He pissed them off and they got him in the end. Once the flood gates were opened, everyone started doing it. You can thank Nixon for that too. CREEP was famous for its dirty tricks.

It’s the way the game is played now. Everyone knows this. Did they really think no one would notice, no one would say anything? It’s wrong, it’s disgusting, but it IS how it’s done now. Come on, this was a ticking time bomb, and they should have expected it to blow up.

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This is the one big criticism I (and others) have for Gibson. The way she reacted, it seemed like she honestly didn’t think this would come back to bite her. I’ve seen some Dems say her naivety is the real reason why she shouldn’t be in power.

Again, it’s not her fault that her political opponents are playing dirty. But she probably should’ve had the foresight to realize this was gonna be a big controversial dealbreaker for some folks once it inevitably blew up.

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It obvious is, there’s just absolutely NOTHING that could justify doing this shitty on a public place full of children. No one would aprove this sort of action. (rightfully).

That’s exactly what it is, things have never actually gotten better on the political crap, actually it has gotten worse than ever honestly. That’s why i like to stay away from any sort of professions that has politics on it. When you enter in politics, you have to be perfect or else your life is ruined.

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Update to the Susanna Gibson story:

The Virginia GOP just mailed out flyers featuring “revenge porn” of Susanna Gibson:

Fucking perverts! So, Gibson getting creampied by her own husband is something voters should know about, but Donald “Grab Her By the Pussy” Trump and Lauren “Masturbates Near Kids” Boebert haven’t been excommunicated from the GOP yet?

Fuck this country, man…


Second update: Susanna Gibson narrowly loses to Republican David Owen.